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September 18, 2023

Maui's Inferno - Pt 4: Was the Culprit in the Skies? And Where are the Children?

For those following our "Maui's Inferno" series, the depth and seriousness of our exploration is evident. We previously addressed the topic of DEWs (directed energy weapons). Today, we cast a spotlight on another pivotal dimension. In our rapidly advancing technological world, both breathtaking opportunities and pressing concerns emerge. Amidst this landscape, Steve Favis stands out, offering research that could redefine our understanding of recent events. For an in-depth review of his work, visit

Steve Favis, renowned in the realms of computer science and advanced robotics, posits a theory concerning the Maui fires that resonates like a page from a dystopian novel. His proposal? These fires may have been instigated deliberately using a directed energy weapon (DEW) from a satellite orbiting Earth.

Diving deeper into this claim, Favis suggests that a precisely pulsed high-powered laser could be the mechanism to...

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