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October 25, 2023

WEF Orders Govt's to Make Viewing Alternative Media a 'Criminal Offense'

Behind the polished veneer of the World Economic Forum (WEF) lies an agenda that often raises eyebrows. Their recent directive, suggesting a criminal stance on viewing or sharing alternative media online, is a startling testament to their vision for information control. It's not just about guiding narratives; it's about defining them.

For listeners of Veritas Radio, this isn't new terrain. We've navigated the murky waters of suppressed voices and the sidelined stories that mainstream channels overlook. The WEF's latest move isn't merely about controlling the narrative; it's a challenge to our inherent spirit of inquiry and the relentless pursuit of truth., in its insightful report, highlights the Global Coalition for Digital Safety's role in this new world order of information. But the question remains: Who gets to decide what's "harmful"? When the gatekeepers of information have vested interests, can we truly trust them to...

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