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December 5, 2023

Celebrating 15 Years of Veritas: A Journey in Pursuit of Mastering the Lost Art of Inquiry

From the very moment I could speak, my life has been defined by one unyielding pursuit - the art of asking questions. It wasn't just a hobby or an occasional curiosity; it was my purpose, the essence of my being. For me, the world was a never-ending puzzle, and questions were the key to unlock its mysteries.

In those early years, I assumed that everyone shared this same burning desire to understand the world, as an overdeveloped sense of wonder fueled my insatiable hunger for knowledge. But it didn't take long for me to realize that I was different. I was part of a minority - a select group of individuals who dared to ask, to challenge, to explore.

You see, in a world that often prioritizes conformity over curiosity, asking questions becomes an act of courage. Most people yearn to fit in, to avoid offending, to steer clear of any situation where they might be shunned or frowned upon. But for those of us who simply can't quell the urge to question, there is no other...

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