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January 24, 2024

A Tribute to a Beloved Member of the Veritas Family: Remembering Cathie

As the host of Veritas, I've had the privilege of connecting with countless individuals who share a passion for the unexplained and the mysterious. However, it's the personal stories from our listeners that truly resonate and remind us of the deep connections we form through this platform. Today, I want to share a touching and poignant story from our Veritas community, a story that underscores the profound bonds we create.

The Heartfelt Message from Amy

It was just recently that I received a message from Amy, the daughter of a long-time and cherished listener, Cathie. Amy's words were simple yet immensely powerful: "My mome died 3 days ago. She can now listen for free! ;) She had her MP3 player in the Hospice unit to listen to the most current show. She loved it!"

This message, while filled with sorrow, also radiated love and a deep connection to our show - a testament to Cathie's enduring passion for Veritas.

Cathie: A Devoted Listener and...

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