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February 22, 2024

Comfortable Illusions: The Overlooked Threat of War and Disaster on American Soil

The very idea of war on American soil seems almost unfathomable to the modern citizen. Decades have passed since the last cannon was fired in anger within the borders of the United States, leading to a collective sense of security that borders on complacency. This false sense of invulnerability ignores not only the lessons of history but also the warnings of modern science about the fragility of our technologically dependent society.

The Carrington Event: A Historical Warning Ignored

In 1859, a powerful geomagnetic storm known as the Carrington Event wreaked havoc on the world's most advanced technology of the time - the telegraph system. This event, named after the astronomer Richard Carrington who first observed the solar flare, stands as a stark reminder of our vulnerability to cosmic forces. According to Dr. Paul LaViolette, a repeat of such an event in today's world, where society's lifeblood flows through its technology, would be nothing short of...

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