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May 28, 2024

The Universal Imperative: A Blueprint for Future Generations

In the event of a global reset or catastrophic event like a nuclear war, preserving essential truths for future generations is paramount. We must plant these truths in time capsules for the future to uncover. Here lies an absolute truth, explained with clarity and precision.

Humanity's Ideal: The Categorical Imperative

Humanity is meant to thrive under the principle of the categorical imperative. This principle states that what benefits all must benefit the individual, and what benefits the individual must also benefit all. In simpler terms, everyone should live by the rule: "Do only that which would be acceptable to all mankind." Here's why this is crucial.

Examine Your Current World

In today's society, you are free to pursue your desires as long as they are not explicitly forbidden by law. This reflects an implied directive: "Do what you wish, as long as it is not prohibited." This liberal maxim can be summarized as, "Do what...

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