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March 27, 2009

Pane Andov

Extraordinary Powers in Humans

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Astralwalker discussed his psionic abilities and out of the body experiences, contact with extraterrestrials, shadow government, the Elite, what is going on at the moment, and what is coming our way, Nexus wave, 2012 issue, Maya connection, Crop Circles and the messages, Space Shuttle missions UFO encounters to a solution to our equation - achieving collective consciousness through Global Meditation and impacting the fractal structure of this Matrix for the better.

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Pane Andov was born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1973. Mr. Andov specialized in computer sciences connected to power supply systems and for more than a decade he worked as a computer specialist in Macedonia's largest telecommunications company. He left the company after realizing that computer science and advancement of power supply systems were not his life objectives. He began to direct his time and energy towards making a difference by way of sharing his new-found knowledge in his birth country and the Balkan region. His method of creating public conscious awareness was via a monthly publication of his own magazine which he called "The Sixth Sense".

After publishing thirty two issues of the magazine, a difference amongst the regions awareness began to manifest. This created a collective change amongst peoples' lives indicated by the thousands of replies received with gratitude for the input of information provided.

As the chief editor of the magazine, it gave Pane unrestricted rights to document information regarding; ancient civilizations, UFO phenomena, extraterrestrial influences over humanity, Top Secret projects and experiments, hidden agendas of the Elite, to ancient esoteric arts such as; meditation, kundalini energy, astral projection, remote viewing, telepathy, aura's, clairvoyance, psychometrics, psycho kinesis and much more.

Looking back in his past, he recalls that things started to take him in an unusual direction after a strange event that happened to him when he was seven years of age. Inspired by his uncle, he started to train in the ancient arts at the age of fourteen. The top most secrets of Yoga and Buddhism came so naturally to him that many times he felt that he already knew most of the knowledge in some mysterious way. People that knew him at the time noticed that he was interested in all the incredible powers that Yoga masters and Tibetan monks had demonstrated and that he was training hard to develop them.

As a result of long years of practicing meditation, he started figuring out the mystery of their way of life. He felt compelled and focused to obtain the knowledge that was once considered the norm in ancient civilizations. Thus, Andov meditated six hours a day and started to discover his inner potential. He became attracted to all psychic abilities, but particularly to the extraordinary ability called astral projection. Very soon his abilities increased to such high levels that he was able to stay out of his physical body for many hours fully conscious. The new and mysterious world that was opening in front of him made him realize that reality was not what it seemed to be, but something completely different.

Rapidly, he began to understand that humanity was under some kind of experiment by a few E.T races and that the truth was hidden from us. One by one, the missing pieces of the mosaic started to fall into the place and he was starting to see what was going on. At the same time, he felt great sorrow with the realization that he couldn't share his observations and conclusions. The average level of astral development was so low at the time. If he touched a subject he could hurt someone and demolish his whole belief system. Instead of sharing what was going on in the higher dimensions, he started to work on finding solutions to the equation called - humanity. After many years of contact with E.T intelligences, he had finally understood what was going on and had seen what was coming in the future and how some of what is coming could be neutralized.

He is totally aware that there is little time to utilize what he has seen and recognized as a solution to our current situation, since we are very close to the end of the Great cycle which in our way of time measurements falls somewhere between the 21-24 December 2012. At present, he is in Melbourne and continues to follow his vision. He conducts lectures and courses for the development of psionic abilities, but his ultimate task is getting humanity into meditative oneness on time and to change the fractal structure of the Matrix and prevent any destruction that may be set in motion. Thus, he wishes to prepare the planet to be ready for the Nexus event at the end of 2012...

He clearly speaks that not many are aware that at the moment, a Gigantic Wave of unknown forms of energy is approaching our solar system, and its coming from the direction of the galactic centre. The best term that he could find for this is called the "NEXUS". It was passed on to him by E.Ts that it is extremely important how the Earth and the entire solar system will vibrate when it arrives. Therefore, the last sixth months he has spent warning people of what is coming our way and what we can do about it. The solution is the same as depicted in the crop circle designs all over the world but mostly in the UK - How the fractal structure of matter is influenced by consciousness. The message is to understand that the time for conflict is over and we, as a race, have to move forward in our evolution as many others have gone before us and will continue to go through after us.

In fact, the evolution of mankind will be returning to a fully activated DNA structure as was before the last fall when the life of this planet experienced de-evolution and the biological carriers of the human species dropped to only a double helix DNA functionality. So this is why he is not stopping until this union is achieved. He has mapped out some of the safe locations where millions of humans can find shelter in case we are not successful (but he is optimistic that this will be done in time) and he will map other locations on all continents. Despite the ignorance and blindness of many spiritual leaders that everything will be solved by default, he clearly sees that the danger is real and that there is a powerful contra-force that is pushing against the evolution, but he also clearly sees that this can be done on time because the awakening process is quickening and as humanity starts to understand and to feel that we are connecting like never before in one stream of energy, that it will lead into something that is called - Collective Consciousness.

This Collective Consciousness can produce extreme psionic vibrations that can reshape the structure of the Matrix and change the outcome of many things that are coming our way if we maintain this present course. The only true power humans have lies hidden in their emotions.

Pane often gives this example:

Imagine you are walking cross the street and on the radio there is a song that you haven't heard for 20 years. This song does not mean much to many, but to you it means everything, everything that you are, a memory to past times, everything that resonates inside your heart. In the same moment, something turns on inside your chest and you feel the fulfillment, the happiness, the memory and the joy of the music as you vibrate with your most divine.

...Imagine what will happen to the fractal structure of the Matrix if millions feel the same at the same time all over the word.

And the author will not stop until he sees that this is accomplished and that Humanity understands that there is no division between us but that we are all part of the same universe - that we are all ONE and same with the Source...

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Extraordinary Powers in Humans

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