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June 26, 2009

Whitley Strieber

Chosen: The Abduction Special. Part II

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Known abductee and best selling author, Whitley Strieber, shared his abduction experience, our government involvement and various other incidents regarding our military, secrecy and how contact is being handled via abductions due to the fact the government has perpetuated the truth embargo. He also shared a very controversial theory of what he believes caused the Air France jet crash.

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Whitley Strieber is the author of over twenty bestselling books, including Communion and Superstorm written with Art Bell. His novels the Grays and 2012: the War for Souls are both being made into films, and the Grays is expected to go into production this year. His nonfiction TV series Alien Intent will begin appearing on A&E later this year, also. His new novel, Midnight, a thriller about nuclear terrorism, will be out in January, and the Nye Incidents will be out in May.

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