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March 12, 2010

Barry King

Disclosure...From the Inside (Part I)

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Barry King discussed his childhood experiences with projects and experiences with UFO/alien/paranormal. His work as civilian within Ufology. His connections with intelligence/military at the Peasemore and other facilities, PLF's (programmed life forms) and other created life forms, mind controlling technology, genetics, augmented beings, psy-ops unit and operations to do with public education regarding UFO/alien, offshoots to unit in combat situations. His own abduction experiences behind the scenes being an insider, contacts made, situations experienced, danger at every turn. What its like being within the black programs and the training programming gone through ultimate/final disclosure topics. In addition, Barry discussed the new breed of whistleblowers, bring in the 'experts' Stargate technologies.......Iran/Iraq Stagecraft and use of PLFs in false flags. Dugway Proving ground OPI (off planet intelligence) controls, the good and not so good hybrids, those working with benign ETI The 5 and DNA linked artifacts, planet shields and destroyers, scaremongering re vaccines, 5992nd Psi-Ops Unit and Operation 'Mountain Haze', tThe public indoctrination program, behind the official face of Pine Gap, busting the myths, Thomas Castello (The Dulce Base) busting the myths, Majestic opening the doors on UK/US/Canada run genetics program, Cold war ARV (advanced remote viewing) from Peasemore and linked facilities past/future ARV from Peasemore facility, Instances of remote influencing experienced, ETI crash retrievals carried out by 5992nd Unit NSA/CIA/MI5/MOSSAD hit squads, MILABs from the inside, and much more.

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Barry King was s a child with great interest in astronomy and all things strange and unexplained. He began research and investigation work into UFOS`s and aliens in 1966, joining BUFORA (British UFO Research Association) in 1968. He had numerous paranormal and unexplained events and experiences throughout childhood. In 1974 HE was one of several witnesses to a very close range craft and entities, in 1976 became the victim of a full abduction. In early 1977 joined the newly formed UFOIN (UFO Investigators Network) set up by FSR magazine (Flying Saucer Review) and Jenny Randles, covering the South East UK alongside fellow members Andy Collins, Timothy Good and Omar Fowler. Between 1977 and 1980 many high profile investigations were published within the pages of FSR that he undertook. Being high profile at that time he found himself constantly contacted by the various media globally, TV and radio, magazines, book publishers, newspapers and countless journals. In September OF 1980 he was featured on BBC TV `Nationwide` concerning the closing down of the Worlds first 24/7/365 UFO reporting hotline which he started in February of 1977. In the late 1970`s he ran the UFO photo archives in UK and supplied the mass media with materials for books, magazines and TV programmes. His expertise within the UFO field lay in photographic/film cases, physical trace cases and close encounters of all categories. In the summer of 1978 he co ordinated a stand at the annual Dagenham Town Show on the theme of Scientific UFOlogy, with backing from Columbia Pictures with display materials from their film CE3K. The annual event usually draws up to 50,000 people and it seemed many bee lined for our stand, including the Military. Between 1979 and early 1981 he worked as a security enforcement officer at a secure underground R&D facility in the UK, whose remit included mindcontrol technologies, genetics and creation of small beings used in MILABs (Military abductions). Since the 1980`s he has had close working associations with Intelligence agencies (UK and abroad) and the Military, mostly by way of a psychological operations unit, whose part remit was crash retrieval/recovery. In 1994 he began to disclose data on the facility, the work carried out there and at other facilities, the individuals concerned, etc, by way of a series of documents released globally until 2000 when he became one of Dr Steven Greer`s Disclosure Project witnesses. In the 1990`s a set of video disclosures was made available for the public domain via film maker Miles Johnston, these were called the `Bases tapes`. Since then this has grown into a multi disc DVD set entitled `Bases 2 Take 2` available from Miles Direct. Further disclosures were made via forums direct for public domain use such as UFO Casebooks, Project Avalon and our very own Veritas forum: The Manticore, where disclosures continue to this day.

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