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March 26, 2010

John Searl

The Man Who Can Save The Planet

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S y n o p s i s

Recounting his remarkable story, Prof. Searl detailed how he first conceived of the device via a series of recurring dreams. Years later, he assembled the early prototypes of the invention and saw that it mysteriously floated, non-stop, upwards. Eventually, Searl managed to develop a means of controlling the device. It was during this time that sightings of his experiments in England were dubbed 'UFOs' by an unsuspecting public as well as the newspapers who knew of his work but desired to keep it under wraps. Should the technology ultimately be used to create a vehicle, he claimed that it could travel from London to New York in 15 minutes and a trip to the moon or the ISS would be the equivalent of "a bus ride." On why the device has yet to be harnessed by companies or governments, Searl explained that one issue surrounds ownership of the creation because "once they see it, they want to own it." As such, Searl said that he has to "protect the technology so the whole world owns it, not a particular group." To that end, he has resisted getting a patent on the machine in order to keep the precise details of the invention secret. Additionally, he noted that, despite seeing the invention at work, experts simply could not believe that it was a magnetic powered device. "They are brainwashed to a particular concept," Searl lamented. For those that do believe, Lockerman observed, there is a different kind of effect: one of sadness that such a device is not being put to good use.

B i o

Biography and the chronological history of John Roy Robert Searl 1932 - present

Although described in the books, this section, once complete, will describe the Searl effect technology and its development.

12/05/1936 - Placed in the care of Dr. Barnado`s homes.

23/05/1936 - Placed in a foster home at THE CHESTNUTS, Hestley Green,Thorndon, near Eye, Suffolk, England.

05/04/1937 - Started at Thorndon infants school.

07/08/1942 - Completed infant school.

14/09/1942 - Started at Eye secondary school.

21/06/1944 - Completed secondary school.

07/07/1944 - Started at Russell Coates Naval school.

17/06/1946 - Returned to the Dr. Barnado home in Woodford Bridge.

09/07/1946 - Begun work at British Rewind Electrical Repairs Ltd, at Grays Inn Road, London. Lived at 30 Crawly Road, Turnpike Lane, Wood Green, London. This is where John was to experiment with his ideas and prove, by accident that the conventional scientists are not always correct.

John found that not everything that goes up has to come down.

And not everything that should stay down, does so.

The proof was clear for all to see, including for an unsuspecting landlady. That gaping hole in the ceiling and thru the roof was something the Luftwaffe had failed to do previously during the war.


BA (hon)., Russell-Cotes Nautical School, Dorset, England, 1946

Student, Shenley Hospital, Hertfordhsire, England, 1950

Grad., Open University, London, 1980

Grad., Open University, London, 1987


Trainee pharmacist St. Peter`s Cannings Pharmacy, London, 1946-48; elec./electronic fitter Midlands Electricity Board, Tipton, England, 1953-55; prototype wireman Handley Page Aircraft Co., Reading, England, 1955-57; machine setter GKN Vandervell Ltd., Maidenhead, England, 1957-83; chairman Searl International Space Consortium, Mortimer, England, 1968-83; chairman, head Research and Development Direct International Sci. Consortium, London, 1983- present.

Career Related

Lecturer and Creative Works,

Author: The Law of the Squares, Book 1, 1990, Book 1A, 1990, Book 1B, 1990, Book 2, 1990, Book 3, 1993, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6, Book 7 and many more.


Named professor math Strukturen der Sch?pfung und Energie, Munich, 1989.


Avocations: private flying, writing tech. books, electronic control systems designs, research develop. of magnetic motors, teaching maths.

Civic -with Royal Air Force, 1950-53.

Memberships - Member Blackbushe Aero Club (pilot 1964-83), Patentee & Inventors, Aerospace Club (chairman 1968-).

Professor Searl`s hobby and activities 1946 onward.

Includes flying (holds advanced private flying licence), model aircraft and railway and inventing. The inventing led to the Searl Effect technology.



Place of birth:

Date of birth:

Berkshire, England

2nd May, 1932.


Mother - Violet Gertrude Mude Searl

Father - Robert Henry Searl

1946 - Employed as electrical apprentice at BR Rewinds at Grays In Road, London. Tasks included stripping, rewinding and repairing all components of electric motors.

This is where John was to experiment with his ideas and prove, by accident, that conventional science is not always correct. This is where the principles behind the Searl Effect and the SEG were born.

Employed as Chemist Assistant at Cannings Pharmacy, St. Peter`s Street, Islington, London. - The preparation of doctors prescriptions for customers.

1947 - Employed as Trainee Nurse

Upon the recommendation of the Chemist John was employed as a trainee nurse at Shenley Hospital, on the wards. Within a month was promoted into the laboratory to study Histology and Bacteriology. Within 2 months John had won a 6 year grant to study in Neurosurgery at Cambridge at age 16 but this fell through due to John`s guardian`s refusal to assign the hospital as John`s guardian for the six year period. From this point on, with an aspiring medical career shattered, John became interested in cinema projection, from a technical viewpoint. John soon had a job as the trainee projectionist at Woodford Bridge and then at Ilford. Fortunately the manager was a ham operator and John was introduced to this field. This career move was also interrupted by an envious Guardian and so John moved to the Midlands to set up on his own.

Worked at a tap manufacturer during the day, and as the projectionist at the local cinema in the evening.

Full time projectionist at the Tower cinema, West Bromwich.

1950 - Conscripted to the military.

1952 - Employed as electrical and electronic fitter at the Midlands Electricity Board, Tipton.

1953 - Moved to Reading, worked as relief projectionist.

1954 - Employed at Handley Page, as prototype wireman. In this job John wired the control systems for the RAF Vicker Bombers Mk. II. and then for the VC10.

1963 - Moved to Racals Ltd, again as prototype wireman. The projects involved the wiring of naval gun control computers, for NATO.

Moved to Vanderviels Products, Maidenhead. Handled machine setting, heat treatment, inspection, plating, staff management and training.

1977 - Obtained Private Flying License (Advanced).

1983 - Retired permanently from Vanderviels. Left this area and returned to the Midlands, to take up retirement.

1987 - John was bought out of retirement and returned to London, by Luis Jarillo. Luis convinced John to redevelop his hobby as a business.

1996 - Searl Effect Commercialization project proposed and planned

2008 - SEG R&D and commercialization started in Thailand.


"Who`s Who in the World" Publication (Marquis), since the 1993 issue.

"Dictionary of International Biography"(CBI), from 1996 issue.

"5000 Personalities of the World" (ABI).

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