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October 1, 2010

Paul Hellyer

Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species

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"Paul Hellyer's story is an important contribution to the literature of modern western civilization. His experience in government, his interest in exopolitics and the issues of sustainability of civilization are significant areas of current discourse." - Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D, Apollo 14 Astronaut

The year is 2010 and the world faces a long list of seemingly insurmountable problems. One of these is our reliance on fossil fuels for energy. A battle is raging between environmentalists, who fear the consequences of global warming, and the oil industry that profits handsomely from maintaining the status quo. It is a power struggle that, according to Paul Hellyer, author of Light at the End of the Tunnel, holds the future of planet Earth in the balance.

"We have about ten years to reverse the present trend, after that it will be too late to preserve our planet as a hospitable habitat for the human species," says Hellyer. "In these few short years we not only have to find new sources of clean energy, but also the vast sums of money that cash starved governments will need to finance the transition on a scale of an all-out mobilization to win the war of survival."

The answers, as Hellyer indicates in Light at the End of the Tunnel, are more astonishing than you might imagine. He suggests that elements of the U.S. Armed Forces have developed "...exotic energy the massive underground installations in Nevada and Arizona..." and have been hiding this from the public for years if not decades. Full disclosure of this secret information is essential for society to end its reliance on fossil fuels and stop global warming. Even then the cost of a fast transition would be enormous. Light at the End of the Tunnel provides a detailed financial plan that would provide nation states with the financial flexibility to effect the transition. Essentially all they would have to do is use the power that their constitutions provide.

"Federal governments own the patent to print money," Hellyer explains "but instead of using their power for the benefit of all the people, they have licenced privately-owned banks to print nearly all of the new money created each year and to enjoy the profit from it."

Worse than that, all this money is created as debt on which interest has to be paid. Yet no one creates the money to pay the interest. So the system is like a balloon being pumped full of debt until it becomes too heavy a burden to carry and then it is like a balloon with a pin in it. A meltdown occurs, the bankers are rescued but millions of innocent people are hurt.

"Meanwhile," Hellyer asserts, "governments don't have enough revenue to meet the legitimate needs of electors let alone embark on expensive new ventures even if the future of the world depends on them."

"The answer," Hellyer says, "is to take away the private banks' near monopoly and for governments to take back the power to create significant sums to meet their legitimate needs

Working from his decades of experience in politics and defense coupled with his broad environmental background, Hellyer uses Light at the End of the Tunnel as a prescription for global change and delivers in-depth and, at times, controversial, information on:

? Why the U.S. Congress must insist on the disclosure of secret technology for the benefit of all humankind.

? Why world leaders must end the privately-owned banks' near monopoly to print money and share the function for the inestimable benefit of all the people.

? How world governments must collaborate to replace fossil fuels with clean energy

? Why industrialized countries must cut their defense budgets by 50% in 5 years and use the savings to improve the lives of impoverished people everywhere.

"We simply can't go on with our current attitudes about our planet. We must keep our minds open to new scenarios and solutions because time is running out for us. Light at the End of the Tunnel is meant as a wake-up call to save our planet earth. Don't hit the 'snooze' button," warns Hellyer.

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The Hon. Paul Hellyer [1923 - 2021] was one of Canada's most controversial politicians and was Canada's youngest Member of Parliament when he was first elected in 1949 and the youngest cabinet minister appointed to Louis S. St. Laurent's government eight years later. Although Hellyer is best known for the unification of the Canadian Armed Forces and for his 1968 chairmanship of the Task Force on Housing and Urban Development, he has maintained a life-long interest in macroeconomics. This led him to form Action Canada, a populist movement dedicated to the concepts of full employment and low inflation with an emphasis on quality-of-life issues. Through the years, as a journalist and political commentator, he has continued to fight for economic reforms and has written several books on the subject. In recent years he has become interested in the extraterrestrial presence and their superior technology that we have been emulating. In September 2005 he became the first person of cabinet rank in the G8 group of countries to state unequivocally "UFO's are as real as the airplanes flying overhead."

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Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species

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