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December 2, 2011

Crystal Clark

Perception Management, Planned Chaos, & The New Future

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Crystal Clark envisions a world ahead of "no more disease, abundance, the ability to explore our own planet, (the Vatican vaults, undersea cities), technology that will blow your mind, and traveling out to the stars." But we cannot do any of this unless certain things happen first. The corruption, the police state, lies, manipulation, poisons in our food and water, vaccinations that cause sterility?"We can't put it off any more. We have to do what is right."

Clark calls upon the whistleblowers to tell us what they know, and upon individuals to contribute in ways unique to each. The Occupy Wall Street Movement gives her hope.

"It's fantastic. We have been waiting for it. We have a group who do terrible things to the rest of us on the planet. We deal with it by not dealing with it. But when all these people show up, they have to face what they've done. They see faces, not charts and graphs." Non-violent demonstrations work, she says.

Clark's mission on the planet is to wake people up, to educate. She is the author of two books, Who Are We Really 101, 102, and 103 is due out this spring.

At the center of Clark's teachings is her understanding of Natural Law, ancient knowledge long camouflaged by dogmatic religious orders, and to which we must return. Natural Law explains how the world works on every level. From her website:

"There is a force at work in the Universe that creates, and it does so for only one reason: the experience a soul can gain from it. Whether you want to call this force God, Creator, Allah, or any other term, is irrelevant. It does what it does for only one reason: Love.

Nothing this Master Builder has ever created moves outside of that one purpose - it has but one idea that manifests itself in endless ways. From this One Law of Love, all of creation manifests through two equal but opposite forces that continue creation through balanced (equal) interchange between opposite energies."

Today's world is not in balance. It can not thrive. We are being utterly manipulated. "Nothing is as it seems."

"The matrix is breaking down and people are seeing it for what it is," says Clark in this interview. She talks about planned obsolescence, manufactured lack, trauma-based mind control and perception management. We are being systematically psychologically broken, she says. "We are all being suicided at a slow rate."

Those who perpetrate the imbalance we are experiencing are "insane," Clark decries. Of course they are. By the end of this Veritas interview you will be asking yourself what you yourself are doing to advance the cause of rectifying a world gone mad. "There is work to be done. Stand up, do something," she implores. "Courage is contagious."

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Crystal Clark is an author and philosopher born in the United States in 1972. For the first 28 years of her life she chose the material path, until she had an unusual encounter in the year 2000 that altered the course of her life. A series of events took place after this experience that ejected her from the corporate, money- driven paradigm, and thrust her into the world of the unknown-a world that revealed a very ancient Sacred Science to her-one that has been hidden from the public for thousands of years by both world governments and religions. Her journey has her convinced that giving knowledge of the Sacred Science back to the masses is the only way our civilization will avoid another cataclysmic self-destruction episode. Is she right?

In her first book, Who Are We Really 101-Return of the Shaman, she not only chronicled her initial journey into the unknown for us, but asks us to take the same journey as well, and explains why this is so important, and why we may be running out of time to do so. Even so, the message she delivers goes beyond the doom and gloom, by delivering a new kind of hope.

The second book in the series, Who Are We Really 102-When Tomorrow Comes, asks us to swim deeper into the vast ocean of creation via a fictional account of competing realities and timelines, the hearts and minds of those who created them, and the interconnectedness of all things. The third book in the series is currently underway with a tentative release date of Spring 2012.

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