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May 11, 2012

Regina Meredith

Soulo Journey: Life from the Soul's Perspective

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S y n o p s i s

Regina's new book 'Soulo Journey: Life From the soul's Perspective' offers a rarely glimpsed rendering of the origins of the human species. With this new understanding of what it is to be a Human-Being, our choices change.

Empowering and enlightening, 'Soulo Journey' draws from Regina's 30 year background in esoteric studies combined with having had access to more than 400 brilliant thinkers of our time as the host of Conscious Media Network.

Soulo Journey takes the fear out of understanding humanity's deepest roots and reflects back our true entitlement to limitless creation.

The following are a few of the subjects covered in the book and this interview:

How the human species came into creation

The schism of the soul vs. animal mind

Choosing our gene pool

Why humans have required outside 'guidance'

Healing from the soul's perspective

Human feedback loops with Earth

Manifesting from the Soul

Giving children voice

Breaking the hypnosis and unearthing our own truths

?and much more

B i o

Regina Meredith is a woman who chose to live on planet earth at a time when the most astounding awakening to knowledge of all kinds is unfolding. For the past three decades Regina has chased stories from environmental degradation, spiritual unfolding, conscious eating, government cover-ups, extraterrestrial contact and much more as both a journalist and as a human being. One of the major statements of her professional life has resulted in the creation of Conscious Media Network, which is a co-venture with her husband Scott. They have been broadcasting for over five years and the journey has expanded the richness of their lives beyond compare taking them to parts of the world and parts of the mind that they feel privileged to have experienced.

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