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August 3, 2012

Richard Cassaro

Written in Stone: Decoding the Secret Masonic Religion

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S y n o p s i s

Conspiracy theorists say the Freemasons are an evil cabal aiming to take over the entire world. Whether true or not, the Freemasons of today bear little resemblance to the cathedral-building Order of yesteryear.

This loss has left five million modern Masons worldwide clueless as to their Order's true origins and purpose. All that's left is an empty set of meaningless rituals, ceremonies, and symbols, along with "substitute secrets" usually associated with "faith, hope and charity":

For decades researchers have tried to recover the Order's lost wisdom. None as of yet have deciphered anything meaningful in the architecture; and none have discovered the repeating architecture pattern (the "Cathedral Code.

But, as you're about to hear, the key to breaking this code is hidden in the "Triptych" architectural portal.

The Freemasons knew a stunning truth about this architectural Triptych that scholars and archaeologists are totally unaware of.

This truth is that the Triptych stretches back to the farthest reaches of Antiquity.

Incredibly, it was universally constructed by history's first civilizations.

Triptychs are still visible in temple ruins and important landmarks worldwide.

The Triptych appears in a staggeringly vast number of ancient cultures-a discovery that has the potential to rewrite ancient history!

It evokes groundbreaking new questions that challenge our understanding of Antiquity-questions that modern scholars and researchers have been unwilling or unable to raise:

How could these varied cultures have built the exact same types of Triptych Temples, separated as they are by vast space and time?

Could it be that the Triptych symbolizes a common idea, universal wisdom, or parallel doctrine that was mysteriously shared by all of them, and that this doctrine was slowly forgotten over the millennia, but carried clandestinely into the current era by the age-old Freemasons?

This interview discusses the secret meaning of this giant hieroglyph in stone, and how its wisdom once formed a Universal Religion in Antiquity, once known to every ancient empire on earth.

B i o

Richard Cassaro was born in New York City in 1972, and studied the ancient tradition early on, traveling widely in his youth. He graduated with honors in Journalism and Philosophy from Pace University.

Over the next several years he traveled to Egypt, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Sicily, France, England, Peru and finally Spain in his quest to uncover what he calls a lost "Sacred Science," which he claims was symbolized architecturally by the "Triptych" pattern in Antiquity.

Not long after, he traveled to India where he learned a little Sanskrit, studied the Vedanta, and was initiated into a Theosophist society, where he began to recognize the Triptych`s link to the Freemasons.

Cassaro has studied ancient ruins on four different continents (Americas, Africa, and Europe). He has lectured at academic and learning institutions in Egypt, Italy, Spain and Peru. His writings have been published in magazines and journals worldwide. He has been a ghost writer for a best-selling esoteric author, a U.S. Correspondent for a major Italian publishing house, a managing editor for a popular U.S. magazine, and a consultant to print and broadcast media.

His new book, Written In Stone reveals the wisdom of the Triptych and the Sacred Science, their ancient roots, and their connection to Freemasonry.

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Written in Stone

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