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October 19, 2012

George LoBuono

Alien Mind: The Thought and Behavior of Extraterrestrials

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Rather than debate whether UFOs and aliens exist, George LoBuono quotes human witnesses and informative aliens in a startling, new exploration of the thoughts and assumptions of our extraterrestrial neighbors. Sixty-five years after Roswell, evidence suggests that aliens are trying to get humans to step beyond elite greed and failed ecology in order to develop a more mature kind of cosmic citizenship. George fills fill in some of the blanks in public knowledge about aliens and will help you understand how aliens think and feel about their interactions with humans and other aliens. We discuss how alien science and how humans can both detect and identify different types of aliens and their energy networks. Could there be an alien race that may actually want to militarize us by buzzing defense installations and breeding an obedient client population via abductions, then worsening other strains on earth? Why would they do that? First and foremost, to create anti-alien sentiment that would isolate us from friendly neighboring aliens, allowing a specific alien race to do as they please here. Is this why the star wars "defense shield" is in place to prevent full contact? Did you know that some aliens consider human sleep an abbreviated form of death and a waste of time since they use wireless, negative-cycle technology that renews their energy, thus avoiding the need for sleep?

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George LoBuono is a writer and investigative researcher. After studying US history in graduate school, he traveled the world and worked as a freelance reporter and essayist. Author of books on various topics, his latest book, Alien Mind - a Primer, quotes human contactees and informative aliens in a startling new exploration of the thoughts and assumptions of our extraterrestrial neighbors.

George LoBuono will present his conclusions on aliens based on his telepathic communications and published UFO/abductee material. He claims his initial contact with aliens began in 1995 with a group known as the Elders, who reproduce by cloning. Later he began communications with the "hyperversal" aliens, a more advanced race who told him that they came from a previous universe cycle from over 13 billion years ago, and helped to engineer the current universe into being.

While there are different alien groups visiting Earth, LoBuono believes that their main theme is "universal ecology." Their thought processes are along social lines--a kind of group think, which he thinks can sometimes lead to abuse in a "Big Brother" fashion. The aliens are physical in nature, but the universal standard is for non-sexual reproduction, which allows for precise population control and a reduction of territoriality. George provides interesting details about the aliens, such as their average lifespan.

Though the material and its presumed sources are controversial in nature, it is nevertheless thought-provoking and intriguing, and opens our minds to the possibilities of the nature of off-world societies.

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