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April 21, 2016

Marty Leeds

A Candid Conversation About the Hidden Truth

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Tonight, we introduce a great thinker to the Veritas family. We had a candid conversation about the hidden truth, including sacred geometry, the Fibonacci sequence, Gematria, numerology, compartive mythology, inner/outer world, flat earth, the American alphabet, languages, and other ways in which civilization remains divided and what can be done to unite us in truth.

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Marty Leeds is the author of four books, Pi & The English Alphabet Volume 1, Volume 2 and The Peacock`s Tales - The Alchemical Writings of Claudia Pavonis (all available on and as well as Pi - The Great Work (currently out of print). His third book in his Pi & The English Alphabet series is slated for release in 2016. He has an ongoing lecture series available for free on Marty has been a guest on many popular podcasts and has lectured throughout the states and Canada. Marty is a musician and has three records, Opus Medico Musica, The Mountain and Songs for Puddles with another full-length record, The True Tales of the Late Great Marty Leeds, slated for release late 2016. Marty currently resides in Eugene, Oregon.

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Pi & The English Alphabet Vol. 1

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