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August 18, 2016

Jeffrey Grupp

The Zetetic Eye Gyroscope Model of Earth

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Why are so many people talking about the Flat Earth? Is this an Illuminati Card Game? Are we living inside a Truman Show world-like simulation? This topic has taken the world by storm. And the more you question the shape of our plane(t) the more opposition you face. We are given high quality digital photography from distant galaxies and planets in our solar system, but never get to see a real photograph of plane(t) Earth. And when we do, they continually change in size, color, and even the size of our continents. Jeffrey Grupp presents his model of a zetetic eye gyroscope.

What is Zeteticism? Zeteticism is the strictly empirical study of the shape of the earth, relying on direct observation (empirical information), not theorization. The average person merely believes (without ever confirming with their own eyes) that Earth is a ball, and for some reason is convinced that not believing it's a ball is a symptom of madness. Direct/empirical observation supports Earth as flat, not a ball, and any simple direct observation overrides any theoretical (non-direct) information. So, NASA must be best described in terms of a conspiracy theory, and professional astronomers must be making mistakes in their calculations of distances to celestial objects.

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

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Jeffrey Grupp is an adjunct lecturer at Purdue University. He is a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy at Purdue with an MA in philosophy from Western Michigan University, and a BA in anthropology from the University of New Mexico. His professional research specializations are Buddhism, quantum physics, and economic and political issues in philosophy. Grupp has published a dozen articles in top philosophy journals on quantum physics, Buddhism, and attacks on metaphysics. He is the originator of the mereological nihilist interpretation of quantum mechanics, which is a new interpretation of quantum physics meant to replace the largely metaphysical ones offered by Feynman and other physicists. Corporatism is his first publication on economic, anthropological, and political philosophical issues. He is also the author of The Telescreen and Telementation.

Jeffrey Grupp`s philosophy: "I am just an ordinary person, no more special than any other person, but if you want to know what I think about things, here you go (as briefly as I possibly can put it)... I do not follow the philosophy of materialism (all reality is matter and only matter) since (1) quantum particles appear to be nonphysical (they do not have material properties, as I have written about), and since (2) direct introspective observation of mental reality reveals mind may also be nonphysical . These and other reasons not listed here appear to reveal that reality is not made of matter (this philosophy is known as immaterialism, or idealism). This indicates that reality may be much more "special", so to speak, than the average contemporary civilized human might guess, and it might give a reason for the disparate spiritual experiences people report having worldwide, past and present.

I contend that if any person departs society and resides in unmanaged nature (the wild forest, the lonely desert, the messy swamp, the silent arctic, the transcendent beach, and so on) for some given amount of time (varies according to the person), one will have a mystical experience to some degree (such as in the way that the aboriginal generates via the vision quest). Here I use the word "mystical" as it is typically defined: the direct conscious awareness of the source of, or reason for reality. In this mystical experience, one can see and feel and experience a nonphysical and joyous "energy", "mystery", or "entity" that is "in" all things, and which delivers a happiness greater than what one has experienced prior.

This energy or entity appears to be the reason (the "sufficient reason") for the existence of physical reality (i.e., appearances), and experiencing this entity is the purpose for humans on planet earth. When they are striving for, or experiencing this holy energy or entity, humans live lives of happiness and significance and nonconfusion (as I have previously discussed); when they don`t, they don`t. I contend that humans are meant to feel this titanic nonphysical energy or mystery that surrounds them (through nature) than they are at attempting to develop linguistic theories about physical reality, which, in my postmodernist opinion, humans are not very successful at."

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