Peter Fairest

The Toxic Assault Against All Life on Earth

May 3, 2018

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This is a Veritas exclusive and it is Peter Fairest's very first radio interview. Peter is incredibly informed on Geoengineering and U.V. radiation, along frequency, 5G, weather engineering, and even vaccines. Solutions included.

From Peter Fairest: Humanity has lost its way. They can no longer see past the darkness that has been shrouding our species for hundreds of years, with the deliberately orchestrated subterfuge and lies by the media and our governments to deliberately divert our attention away from the truth in the world. Hundreds of years of deliberate deception; thousands of years of hidden history; thousands of years of unnecessary wars; decades of genetically engineered viruses pathogens and pandemics stockpiled to be used against their fellow men women and children.

A world of such immorality I can barely understand the horror. The poisoning of the food water and the air that we breathe, that directly affects the human physiology and the central nervous system. The horrific militarised frequency weapons that are being utilised to cause catastrophic damage to our brains and our DNA. The weather modification programs implemented that are capable of wiping entire countries off the map. The governments who keep us in chains through the rape of our wages, from taxes every day that we work, to ensure we never have a level playing field where we can have any influence on our government’s activities whatsoever. Slavery was never abolished and we are deliberately kept in chains from the day we are born. As soon as that birth certificate is signed, we are owned, we are a number. Democracy is a falsity and a false narrative. There is no democracy, only an oppressive totalitarian regime to ensure that, we the people, will never have any influence in the world. To vote for a government who initiates all of the above is paramount to insanity, and I will not vote for a government who has nothing in their mind but my demise and the demise of my family and friends.

Society is surrounded by such darkness now that some people find it impossible to reach out to the light of hope that has been lost to us for so many years now. No war in history has ever been won by words alone, and history is only ever written by the victors. In order to regain our right to live; our right to have an opinion; our right to freedom of speech; our right to clean drinking water and food; our right to breathe clean air that is not full of toxic nanoparticulates; our right to carry arms to protect our family and our homes, and our right to refuse the pharmaceutical companies’ vaccinations to poison our children, can only be achieved through Revolution, not words or pictures or posts, only through Direct action can we make an impact on our oppressors.

The backbone of the pharmaceutical industry is vaccines. They vaccinate your children, subsequently your children become ill and are then lifelong customers to the pharmaceutical industry. Holistic doctors worldwide are mysteriously dying and their research destroyed. Our ecosystem and oceans are being systematically eradicated without any intervention or oversight. These people want nothing more than for us to argue amongst ourselves; to cause conflict between our groups and to separate us so that we can no longer effectively have an impact on waking up the sleeping giant. The human race is a conscious Collective. We are all inextricably linked and they cannot take that away from us. We are the people. We have a voice, and we have a right for that voice to be heard. We have a god given right to fight for what we believe to be true and moral in the world. We have a right to fight for our lives, and for the lives of our families and our children, and for the lives of our friends.

We are the voice of the resistance and we are the future of our species, stand up and be heard.


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Peter Fairest, he was once a chemical / biological warfare specialist for Britain and later was a professor in the same field. He has a plethora of knowledge on so many topics concerning the assault we are witnessing and has visited underground bases in the U.K and knows first hand some of the technologies we are only now being exposed to publicly.





































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