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May 24, 2018

John Jensen

Did a Lost Ancient Civilization Build Canals 7000 Years Ago?

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Pre-historic researcher John Jensen discussed evidence of canal systems that may have been built by an ancient civilization in the United States. Jensen explained that he first made this discovery while using Google Earth to research Civil War forts along the Mississippi River. It was then that he noticed an "eroded canal" beside a fort and, upon zooming the map view out, realized that it was merely a part of a much larger system of canals. In subsequent months, he uncovered over 250 sites which appear to have ancient canals, roads, or even strange symbols in the Earth. Rather than put forward a specific theory as to their origins, Jensen stressed that he is more focused on "'what is it' rather than 'why is it.'"

Moving forward, he hopes for more on-site investigations of these formations in order to create a "time map" which will indicate the ages of these anomalies as well as when they were abandoned. Jensen revealed that he has contacted "an array of individuals" from specializations such as archaeology, anthropology and geology, in the hopes of gaining some insight into these mysterious formations. Unfortunately, these attempts have been met with a "defining wall of silence" from academia. The lone response he did receive was from a graduate student who asserted that 100 percent of the canals were the result of oil exploration. A skeptical Jensen retorted that some of the canals have Cyprus trees "that appear to be quite large" growing in them, an attribute which would make modern origins for the formations "a little hard to explain." However, he was open minded about the possibility the formations could be modern and noted that he has already removed some sites where information has revealed their contemporary origins.

There are many underwater harbors, channels and canals on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts that are covered with vestiges and remnants of a sophisticated and large culture or civilization that existed before current sea level rose an average of 5 ft 5 inches. Evidence shows many harbor areas on much of New York's Long Island Sound and other East Coast locations, Florida Gulf Coast, the Louisiana Delta and Mexico, to have been 'worked' and 'inhabited' by a very large, and technically sophisticated population of canal builders during some remote period. Both Florida and New York have extensive offshore harbor and canal-channel systems that are at least -7,000 years old.

We also discussed the Windover Bog people who inhabited the area during the time these canals were built.

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John Jensen has been researching and writing about the canals and harbors he discovered in 2008 AND HAS WRITTEN wrote 2 books on the subject; "Ancient Canal Builders" and "Earth Epochs".

John Jensen runs is an explorer of new evidence in the chain of events of Human-Earth History, and the empirical evidence to support their claim of Ancient Canal Builders on the East and Gulf Coasts of America. John Jensen is a former industrial start-up and training expert who has authored more than 200 technical books and training programs. Jensen`s life-long pursuit is the study of pre-historic civilizations.

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