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July 5, 2018

John Coleman, Ph.D.

The Tavistock Institute: The World's Lies and Propaganda Machine

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This is an ENCORE presentation.

While Wikipedia defines the Tavistock Institute of Human Behavior as "a charity concerned with group behaviour and organisational behaviour," author John Coleman defines it as the malevolent scourge of the modern world.

How mankind is truly governed, by whom, and to what end is the current running through Coleman's many books and hundreds of white papers. Formerly employed by the British government, and having lived for many years around the world, Coleman explains that successfully planned and implemented, propaganda puts words into our vocabulary, misguided concepts into reality, laws on the books, and starts wars.

"All wars are started by a contrived situation."

"[The Tavistock Institute] was formed to get us into wars. That was their mandate," says Coleman. "Because wars make money. The Institute was financed by the British Royal Family and then by the Rothchilds, who have been involved in funding almost every war; both sides, so they reap a double benefit."

How it started

In 1913, the British Royal Family, jealous of German trade success, wanted to start a war with them. The English public, however, had no quarrel with the Germans, says Coleman. So, two brothers at a place called Wellington House were hired to turn public opinion around, which they did do. Soon enough the British came to believe that Kaiser Wilhelm and the Germans in general, were a vile and despicable people. They were ready for war.

Thus began the work that Tavistock continues today. The brothers had invented a set of insidious, malicious methods that turn minds into mush; that make people utterly controllable; that make them believe lies.

Coleman says Tavistock and its mind-control methods are as alive and well today as they were when President Woodrow Wilson had a dedicated line to the Institute at his White House desk.

Coleman's extensive body of research constitutes a veritable call to arms. Americans have little knowledge of the U.S. Constitution, he is saying, which is why they can be dominated by laws in serious violation of its contents. Coleman's book on abortion rights says there are none, according to our forefathers' document.

In this interview Coleman calls the American people "kind, gentle, and easy to mislead." We gain knowledge of President Wilson's service to the New World Order and his implementation of the Federal Reserve and income taxes. We learn a bit about the history of the Committee of 300 and their opium induced deal-making; truths behind the Kennedy assassination; what really happened with Saddam Hussein and Iraq; his opinions about 9/11. Coleman addresses free energy suppression, media conglomerates as control mechanisms, and how to unshackle ourselves from manipulation and move forward in freedom.

Mel has cracked another nut with this outstanding interview.

B i o

Dr. John Coleman is a master of more than one hundred subjects. He is not one of the rather plentiful newcomers who have lately appeared on the scene. Stationed in fourteen countries around the world and speaking several foreign languages, puts Dr. Coleman at the head of the field of all writers of conspiracy and secret society books in the U.S. Dr. Coleman?s distinguished background shows in his works.

Dr. Coleman?s Committee of 300 is published in eight foreign languages, in addition to 15 other titles published in Japan which are not as yet available in English, one of which was on Japan?s best-seller list for two years, ahead of 125 other books on the same subject.

In addition Dr. Coleman has written and published more than 400 Monographs -- White Papers on a wide range of subjects many of which I have read.

Genuine intelligence reporting is an exacting profession requiring years of experience with exceptional abilities to valuate privileged information. For nearly 40 years, Dr. Coleman has done just that, and in consequence has gained a reputation for consistent accuracy and reliability stretching over more than three decades.

A further unique attribute of Dr. Coleman?s is his five years of study at the British Museum in London, (at the inner sanctum, not open to the general public.) It was here that Dr. Coleman had access to documentation available only to a select few. I have not come across any other author in the U.S. who has his in-depth experience. There are more than four thousand written testimonials to his work on file. I have read many of them. They come from an Admiral, a retired Commander of the Office of Naval Intelligence, doctors, lawyers, dentists, bankers and people in many different walks of life from all over the world. Dr. Coleman?s on-location, hands-on experience in the field in so many countries, makes him a writer, scholar and lecturer of distinction.

His 35 years of intensive study of 37,000 pages of the Annals of Congress, the Congressional Globe and Congressional Record has given Dr. Coleman a unique, in-depth understanding of the layer-upon-layer of complexities, which go to make up the United States Constitution. Very few, if any, constitutional scholars can claim such a unique distinction. World In Review, (WIR) a bimonthly news magazine has been published since 1970. The magazine has 500 ?First? reports to its credit. Dr. Coleman was the very first in the U.S. to report the Avian Bird Flu outbreak in the WIR August 1984 issue, ten years before any other reports appeared. His ground-breaking reporting continues to earn high praise from around the world.

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