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July 26, 2018

Stefan Verstappen

Defeating the Psychopaths with The Way of the Warrior

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S y n o p s i s

Our society is under full-scale attack by psychopaths intent on destroying our minds, our spirits, and our lives. The goal of this war is to cull the herd and transform the survivors into obedient, soulless slaves. This is always the goal of psychopaths - total domination over fawning, fearful, fools. We need to mount a vigorous defense, but there is a fundamental obstacle to doing so. For years, behavioral programming by our schools and media have sought to dis empower us, make us apathetic, dependent on the state, and afraid. Before any significant positive change can be made, we need to first rally the troops and empower the people so that they can stand up and make a change. The only way to do this is to reawaken the warrior spirit within. Do you have the strength of character to step out your door and change your world? Could one meeting with a stranger change the course of your life forever? We must push ourselves to train each day. Never show weakness. Never show fear. Be larger than life and live to gain as much experience as everyday can bring.

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Stefan H. Verstappen is a Canadian writer, world traveler, and martial artist. He has worked as a wilderness survival instructor for Outward Bound programs, a street youth counselor, a First Aid and CPR instructor, and a martial arts instructor. Verstappen has written eight books and dozens of articles for a variety of publications. Martial Arts Experience Verstappen studied Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Do Pai, and Hung Gar before moving to Hong Kong and later Taiwan where he spent 4 years learning Hung Gar and 18 Lohan under two famous teachers in China. Upon returning to Canada, Verstappen taught Kung Fu and his was the first school to teach Mixed Martial Arts. He continued his own studies and learned Tai Chi, Pau Kua, and Jujitsu. He is also expert in classical weapons, including the staff, spear, sabre, cane, and iron fan. Philosophical Experience Verstappen spent his teen years studying magic, occultism, hypnosis, and yoga. He became a Rosicrucian and then joined a Gurdjief / Ouspensky school. He participated in rituals with a Native American Shaman, and travelled deep into the Golden Triangle to dance the spirit with a Ka-ren Shaman in Burma. Verstappen follows his own hybrid spiritual path that leans heavily on the scientific principle and a healthy skepticism.

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