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August 1, 2019

Dan Farcas, Ph.D.

Hyper-civilizations: An Answer to ET Contacts on Earth

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There are an unimaginably great number of places in the Universe where a civilization, similar to ours, could emerge and develop. Some of these civilizations must have appeared a very long time ago, and their representatives would have had enough time to reach the Earth and/or manifest themselves through what may seem like miracles or magic. Why don't we notice any of these? Tonight's discussion will focus on the most likely answer - the hypothesis that some civilizations which did not self-destruct, and after hundreds of millions of years of peaceful evolution, beyond the stage we are today, have turned into something else, that we can call hyper-civilizations. They are watching over any new civilization that is born in the Universe, but with only minimal interventions in its evolution, with no technology exchange, help, or invasion. They could be near us for a long time, but our minds cannot accept this fact, because of a "cultural hypnosis", produced by our materialist science. We ask you to remain open minded, because reality may sometimes be very different than we know it.

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Dan D. Farcas, born in 1940, graduate in mathematics and physics at Timisoara, 1960. PhD in mathematics, computer sciences, at the State University of Bucharest in 1979. Computer specialist at Polytechnic University of Timisoara (1962-67), where he made the first computer simulations of neural networks in Romania. He has led and performed at "CEPECA"� Management Training Centre Bucharest (1967-1982) large computerization projects and has taught computer courses. From 1991 to 2010 (when retired) he was director, deputy director or senior expert of the Computing and Health Statistics Centre of Ministry of Health Romania, temporary advisor to the World Health Organisation (1997-2001) and expert in Health for Romania to the European Commission (2007-2010). He was elected in 1993 full member of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences and was vice-president of the Romanian Society of Medical Informatics (1991-2010). Since 2013 he is member of the Committee for History and Philosophy of Science and Technology of the Romanian Academy. Since 1998, he was Vice-president and from 2011 is President of the Romanian Association for Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (ASFAN). Founding member in 2006 of the Centre for Studies of Border Sciences, at the Committee of UNESCO Romania. He has published over 25 books, all in Romanian, in the fields of computer science, mathematics, essays, ufology, memoirs. He has published over 1000 articles, mostly popular, and has participated in many radio and TV shows, most of them related to UFOs.

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Hyper-civilizations: An answer to ET contacts on Earth

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