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March 5, 2020

Derek Tyler

Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth & A Paradigm Shift

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We live in a world of illusion. Nothing is what it appears to be. All we see are the surface layers, which form an intricate, interlocking system of falsehood and deception. Nothing really works the way we think it does. Most of the things we have been taught to believe are true, turn out to be lies. No one is immune from this. If you are reading these words then you, too, have been a victim of this deception. Many people will not want to believe that, and they surely won't. I tell you that it is true anyway. The fact that you are unaware of it does not mean that it has not occurred. Rather, it serves as a demonstration of the subtlety and efficiency of a methodical, meticulously planned combination of disinformation and propaganda which has been specifically designed to prevent us from being able to see the underlying truths about our world. These truths hold great power. They confer an enormous advantage to those who are aware of them. For this reason, they are revealed only to a carefully selected few. Those who are made aware of them operate covertly, standing unseen in the shadows and working behind the scenes. From there, they pull the strings of power which allow them to control the world. Tonight, we discuss many aspects of the alien contact phenomenon, including a thorough debunking of Darwinian human evolution, America's secret underground bases on Mars, why disclosure will not occur in the near future and much more. Our special guest demonstrates that he is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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Derek Tyler has spent most of his life studying--and trying to understand--the phenomenon of alien contact. He has had several sightings during his life, the most spectacular of which occurred in 1984, lasted for over 40 minutes and involved a pair of USAF fighter aircraft as well. He is an abductee as well as a MILAB. In addition, he has interviewed or spoken with thousands of abductees over the past twenty years, as well as the opportunity to speak to a wide variety of inside sources. Derek has established a reputation as one of the most well-informed, accurate and insightful sources to be found within the UFO community. He was a featured speaker at Contact in the Desert in 2019 and has frequently appeared on Coast to Coast Radio Network and many other radio broadcasts, both here and in Europe. Derek Tyler is the author of two books: "Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth" and "Alien Contact: Paradigm Shift", both of which were #1 Best Sellers and are available on Amazon.

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Alien Contact: The Difficult Truth

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