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    December 10, 2020

    Micah Dank

    Beneath the Veil (Into the Rabbit Hole)

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    Tonight, we take you on an electrifying hunt for what is real and what is possible, encountering along the way, politics, conspiracies, fringe medicine, history, language, and even astrotheology, and what it means to survive, thrive, even when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Love and humor may not be the answer, but without these variables there is no worthy solution to any challenging problem or improbable situation.

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    Micah T. Dank was born in 1983 in Oceanside New York. From a young age he had wanted to be a writer, coming from a family of writers. His father was a producer and radio news editor at CBS News in Manhattan and his grandfather was a Producer at CBS News. Micah was an actor in High School and became interested in writing from his 12th grade English teacher Russell Reid. From there he majored in English at SUNY Albany and transferred down to CUNY Hunter College in Manhattan to earn his Bachelor`s degree in `Language Literature and Criticism`. It wasn`t until he moved to Boston for a new job that he became interested in all the esoteric sciences including the astrology and astrotheology prevalent through his book series.

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    Beneath the Veil (Into the Rabbit Hole)

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