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January 28, 2021

Douglas Vogt

The Biggest Secret the Government Doesn't Want You to Know

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The theory of multidimensional reality is the unified field theory that scientists have been trying to find and develop for the past 100 years. If your government knew that an extinction level event was approaching. Would they tell you? Are the Georgia Guidestones, COVID-19, health passports, agenda 2030, A.I., etc., pieces of a more sinister agenda to intentionally depopulate Earth, exercise better control and serve a few who might be left behind?

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Douglas Vogt is the author of many books, including God`s Day of Judgment: The Real Cause of Global Warming; The Theory of Multidimensional Reality; Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet, and many others.

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God's Day of Judgment; The Real Cause of Global Warming

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