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February 25, 2021

Terry Lovelace, Esq.

The UFO Incident at Devil's Den: The Reckoning

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Terry Lovelace"s recollection of lifelong encounters with a hybrid being he calls "Betty" are riveting. What is Devils Den: The Reckoning? By his own admission he is no longer "holding back", but telling what he has experienced and remembered, fully. There is more about the extraordinary relationship he has endured and yes, also cherished, with this diminutive, maternal, yet incredibly potent being, who has never showed any evidence of aging throughout his life! And the reciprocal affection/bond is explored more fully. As if this "sequel" is not enough, Terry has also selected and published thirty additional accounts among hundreds that readers have sent in to him, each now with his brief commentary and reflections. Case #19, Strangers in the Pasture is simply astonishing! Don"t miss it! There is much to ponder in The Reckoning"it brings both uplifting wonder and is deeply disturbing, even frightening! In light of recent world events, many of us are asking just what "this place" is really all about? I"ll close with a question"the second of only two that Betty asked him"both rhetorical in nature: "What does a colony of ants do when it reaches a point beyond self-sufficiency?" His answer leads to a shocking revelation by his hybrid alien companion!

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Terry Lovelace is a six-year veteran of the USAF. He completed a bachelor`s degree in Psychology at Park University in 1979. He later earned a Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School, TMC campus in Lansing, Michigan. He passed the Michigan Bar Examination on his first attempt. His legal career began in private practice, handling a variety of civil litigation and criminal defense cases. He entered public service as an Assistant Attorney General and later as General Counsel for LBJ Tropical Medical Center in the US Territory of American Samoa. He retired in 2012 as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Vermont.

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Devil's Den: The Reckoning

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