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April 22, 2021

Michelle Gibson

Paradise Lost, Impossible Architecture, & The New Chronology

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If you prefer to stick with the conventional historical narrative taught in school, you may choose to stop listening and go back to mainstream programming. However, if you want to consider alternative perspectives, keep listening.

There was a civilization known as Tartaria that was responsible for providing energy to the entire world and creating a universal architectural style that can be seen in many parts of the world. These architectural designs were used to build palaces, mansions, and other buildings in various capital cities across the world. Tartaria also supplied materials and specialized builders to construct these buildings. Some of these constructions can be found in Brazil and Rio de Janeiro.
However, in 1870, the Oldenburg dynasty defeated the Tartarians and took over some of their secrets, including ancient high technology, which they then used to spread their influence around the world. In response, a group of conspirators sought to create a new world order and gained power in various cities. As a result, remnants of Tartarian culture were suppressed through wars and opium.

In 1889, a world exposition was held in Paris to showcase the achievements of various countries, but just a year later, African lands were being exploited for their resources. In 1910, a group of six individuals conspired on Jekyll Island to create a new financial system, sinking the Titanic to eliminate opposition. This led to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 and the overthrow of the Oldenburg Empire in 1917.
The invention of free energy was attributed to Nikola Tesla, but in reality, it was developed by the Tartarians. By the 1930s, free energy was destroyed in Brazil and by 1940, the last cable car powered by atmospheric energy circulated in Seattle. The new world order was established.

However, despite the efforts to erase the legacy of Tartaria and its contributions to the world, some people have continued to keep the memory alive. There are those who believe that Tartaria was a global empire that spread a 7,000-year-old Slav-tartar culture across all continents, and that the German dynasty inherited part of its secrets after the final defeat of Tartaria in 1870.
There are also those who claim that the grand exhibitions in Paris in 1889 and the construction of pavilions and galleries to exhibit machinery and artifacts were a testament to the culture, prosperity, and relative peace of the time.
Despite the subsequent exploitation of African lands and the estimated 15 million deaths of African people, and the disappearance of 40 million Native Americans, some people continue to search for the truth and keep the memory of the past alive.
In conclusion, while the history books may not tell the complete story of Tartaria and its contributions to the world, there are those who believe that the true history is still out there waiting to be uncovered.

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Michelle Gibson was born in July of 1963 and raised outside of Washington, D.C., in Montgomery County, Maryland. She holds a bachelor's degree in Social Work and Psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Throughout her life, Michelle has lived in various places and traveled extensively, experiences that have broadened her perspective and fueled her curiosity.

Currently residing in Sedona, Michelle is a firm believer that many of history's mysteries stem from the fact that we have not been told the true history. Her fascination with megaliths has been a lifelong passion, leading her on a journey to uncover hidden truths about our past.

Michelle's research led her to discover a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities and extending the lines outward. This method revealed cities that aligned in a circular fashion, taking her on a remarkable tour of the world to places she had never heard of, yet shared remarkable similarities across countries.

Through her extensive study and exploration, Michelle has uncovered information that she believes is crucial for bringing back into collective awareness. She provides compelling evidence to support her findings, aiming to shed light on the true history of our world and its ancient structures.

Her work, documented on her website, challenges conventional narratives and invites others to explore the hidden dimensions of our historical record. Michelle's insights and discoveries continue to inspire and provoke thought, making significant contributions to the field of alternative history and ancient mysteries.

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