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June 3, 2021


Vox Populi: End & Renew: Shining a Light on Human Trafficking & Reclaiming Our Sovereignty

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We now live in a society where the truth is unacceptable. If you dare to tell the truth, you're going to be deplatformed, discredited, slandered, and even silenced. But as long as I have an ounce of energy, I will be right here with you. Tonight, bring you a new edition of Vox Populi. For those who may not know what Vox Populi means. It means voice of the people. Once in a while we feature someone new who is not known and no one has ever heard of them before, but their message is important enough to give them a platform. In tonight's Vox Populi, we will feature someone who's not selling anything and won't lead you to a website, except ours....he's not here to promote himself, or any organization in any way. He's here to shatter your paradigms and open your mind to the reality we're living in. His only agenda, like mine, is the truth and shining the light to crimes against children and human sovereignty.

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Tonight`s special guest has had a very unique and interesting career, he prefers the term: "being of service"�? to define his "behind the scenes"�? contributions to many world leading individuals and organizations such as: the U.S. Army`s Delta Force, Navy SEAL Teams, U.S. Air Force Special Operations, Nike`s co-founder Phil Knight, the C.I.A., DARPA, Bill Gates advisors, Harvard, SpaceX, Japan tech co NTT, even to Kanye name just some of the highlights of his many varied and incomparable experiences. He has led teams and programs involving revolutionary new solutions within the technology sector, the bio-technology and bio-medical engineering sectors, as well as driving human performance solutions via products and modalities via the sciences, for the highest performing humans on the planet.

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