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July 15, 2021

Roger Spurr

Mudfossils & Velikovsky: Minds in Collision

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Humans have been programmed like a camera. A camera has an aperture. The wider the aperture is open, the more light enters through the lens. Our goal on this Veritas platform has always been to open our proverbial mental aperture so we can let new knowledge in. But first, in order to let new knowledge in, we must leave our preconceived notion out; we must fight our cognitive dissonance from discounting new information. If you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, especially, that which has been hidden from us, then you are in the right place. What if every rock in the ground contained blood?

Tonight, we will show you a new way of thinking about the soil and the ancient creatures it may or may not contain. You will learn about the true nature of rocks. Recent DNA verified "Mudfossils" are body parts and CAT scans that exquisitely show anatomical details. Mudfossils are perfectly preserved mineralized (now stone) soft tissues due to continuous wet anaerobic mud packed conditions. You will learn how to identify these they came to be and the ramifications which are FAR reaching.

You will also see that Comet 67P is completely biological and the chemistry and anatomy and gaseous emissions are unimpeachable. Open mind required as nothing taught is correct now because all knowledge is based on a false premise...therefore the Universe is alive and life is everywhere and the Earth is made of Giants exactly as ancient texts said. As tonight's special guests says: "Mudfossil University is dedicated to truth where ever it leads. Don't just listen...question what is being said without fear of your grade."

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Roger Spurr studied material sciences using experiments, chemistry, tests, and specimens. A discovery in 2012 led Roger to start Mudfossil University. At Mudfossil University there is nothing off the table...atomic structure... light ... molecules and every energy interaction including the most important which is bacteria. Yes Bacteria....... Literally all life starts with bacteria creating enzymes that are proteins which are organic enzymatic catalysts that break down molecules to create the products that are RE-formed for life. Also ancient texts are well studied and ancient creatures and relics are of particular significance. Rituals and Deities are also fair game. Roger discovered that experts were rarely equipped to deal with anything they were not "taught" which means, they rarely exercised independent or critical thinking if they wished to remain employed, but Mudfossil University is 100% about truth and facts wherever that may lead. You can find Mudfossil University on Facebook and YouTube.

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