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July 29, 2021

Matt Landman

The Next Phase: COVID-5G, Climate Change Lockdowns, & The Cooking of Humanity

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The interview with Matt Landman explored the potential consequences of the next phase of COVID-5G, climate change lockdowns, and the potential harm to humanity. The speaker referred to a quote by Charles Bukowski stating that intelligent people are full of doubts, while the foolish are full of confidence. The interview also touched upon the question of whether logic and objectivity are dead or just dormant.

Additionally, the interview mentioned the situation in China where dams have broken and subway trains were flooded, causing a nightmare scenario for those trapped inside. The speaker also raised the possibility that the current events could be part of a larger plan to control the world by reducing the population through a virus release and decreasing the number of people suffering from starvation due to the changing global weather patterns caused by a Grand Solar Minimum.

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Matt Landman was raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., where he developed an early interest in business and environmental issues. He earned a Bachelor?s degree in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech in 2003. Pursuing his passion for sustainability, Matt moved to California and worked in finance while studying film at California State University, Humboldt. In 2010, he obtained a Master?s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Strategic Sustainability.

After a successful career in business and finance, Matt transitioned to organic farming. This career change marked the beginning of his journey as an activist. While working outdoors in Northern California, he observed the effects of weather engineering during a severe drought. This eye-opening experience led him to dedicate his life to exposing atmospheric aerosol dispersal and its implications.

In 2015, Matt fully committed to raising awareness about geoengineering. He hosted the first Annual Global Chemtrail Summit in Vancouver, Canada, in May 2016, followed by a second summit in May 2017. In June 2017, Matt released the groundbreaking documentary "Frankenskies," which delves into the history and impact of weather modification programs. Since then, he has tirelessly promoted the film and is currently working on its sequel, continuing his mission to uncover and expose hidden agendas affecting our environment.

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