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August 26, 2021

Santos Bonacci

History's Psyops, Resets, & The Dawn of a New Golden Age

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S y n o p s i s

We are all experiencing the biggest psyop in human history, or is it? First, it was 9/11, now it's COVID-1984. But what if the biggest psyop is inside our history books? What if everything we learned was injected to create a false past? If we don't know our history, nor only are we doomed to repeat it, but we really won't know our true potential. Take your blinders off, keep an open mind, and try to unlearn what you've learned which is the most difficult of the three. Tonight we discuss what is happening around the world and what happened in the not too distant past which makes us conclude that we are on the precipice of another reset and the dawn of a new golden age.

B i o

Santos Bonacci is a self-taught researcher and teacher who has been actively sharing his insights on AstroTheology for over 40 years. He presents his ideas through public lectures and online videos, and claims to have spent decades studying ancient texts and compiling information to translate it into modern understanding. His teachings focus on the idea that there are hidden truths within ancient cultures and religion, which he claims to uncover through his studies of AstroTheology.

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