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September 16, 2021

Deborah Tavares

Who Pulls the Strings of Earth, Inc.? & The Plan for Humanity

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In recent years, there has been a growing concern among some people about the notion of a New World Order and the Great Reset, both of which are often considered conspiracy theories by others. However, these concepts have become increasingly mainstream, with politicians around the world openly discussing them and well-known individuals such as Klaus Schwab writing books on the topic. Despite this, many people remain skeptical and believe that these ideas are just the product of conditioning and do not reflect the reality of the situation.

In the United States, the recent passing of a 3.5 trillion dollar bill has led to increased personal income tax rates, with a proposed increase from 34% to 36.3%. Additionally, long-term capital gains tax rates are also set to increase from 20% to 25%. President Biden has also proposed increasing the number of IRS agents from 70,000 to 150,000 and subjecting all bank transactions over $600 to IRS review.

The idea of the New World Order and the Great Reset is often linked to the influence of institutional investors, who many believe control much of the world's economy. These investors are said to own media outlets, pharmaceutical companies, food companies, social media networks, tech companies, and more. They are also said to have a significant impact on government policies, with allegations of undue influence and coercion. Additionally, some people believe that the push for climate change initiatives is part of a larger, weaponized agenda designed to control CO2 emissions.

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Deborah Tavares is a 3rd generation land developer of residential construction and has been self-employed in a family operated business for over 30 years. She specialized in land feasibility studies, acquisitions and building permit processes, including required Environmental Impact Reports (EIR), along with furnishing Department of Real Estate (DRE) subdivision requirements and the entire construction build-out to completion. It was during this process that the restrictions of property rights became evident under the creeping constraints of the United Nation`s AGENDA 21, through land use limitations, restrictions, regulations, fees and increased liability exposures. Deborah is spreading the word, exposing the connections between mysterious global trends of man-made and corporate/military controlled technologies, weaponized frequencies, the falsified science of the "global warming" movement, and other major programs intended to cause damage to health and reduce the population and to eliminate freedom for all people for all time. A primary example of this is the multi-national program to install electromagnetic radiation-emitting electric meters (Smart Meters) and programs that will create scarcity of electricity, gas and water. Deborah`s highly visible opposition to Smart Meters has been heard on national and international radio shows, digital media, magazine and newspaper coverage, Russia TV (RT) television coverage at Bohemian Grove/2011, smart meter protests, community awareness campaigns and countless city, county and public utility meetings.

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