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December 9, 2021

Bonnie Mitchell

The Shift: A Lifetime of Contact Leading to Higher Consciousness

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S y n o p s i s

"Human beings are not the only players in this game of life. There are multidimensional beings that interact with humans, as well as the unseen controllers who decide the course of human history, the secret shadow government, the United States military-industrial complex, and many dark magicians who pose as political and religious figure heads. I have been working on my own spiritual enlightenment with the help of my star friends, moving toward a higher awareness and higher vibrational frequencies. There have been negative beings that I have run into along the way, but I always make it through to continue on my inner journey. I continuously learn and grow and put my knowledge to use. More than that, the friendly multidimensional beings whom I labeled star people, taught me that love is always the answer. I learned to use my own energy body to connect with Source to fill my entire being with the strongest power there is: love.

When my physical body lays down to sleep at night, my consciousness keeps on going. I leave my physical form and fly freely through the alternate reality, discovering parts of myself and parts of our world that have been erased from our knowledge by wars, propaganda and brainwashing, and the re-writing of our true history. The secrets of this life have been hidden by secret societies that will do anything to keep that knowledge to themselves. However, the rising of consciousness and the empowerment of human beings is currently in progress and cannot be stopped.

The Shift is happening now."

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Bonnie Jean Mitchell is the founder of and co-founder of She is a researcher, author, and life-long contactee. Along with her husband John, Bonnie discovered a psychological and digital form of mnemonic mind control on electronic devices that can literally reprogram the human mind. For over 20 years, she has given advice to those living through paranormal and metaphysical experiences. She wrote the book Journey with the Star People in 2005. She published her new book, The Shift, in 2021 in synchronicity with the actual spiritual shift and ascension of mankind. This latest book is the handbook for anyone who needs guidance through the current paradigm shift in consciousness.

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