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December 23, 2021

Dan Sherman

Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny: An Insider's Account of Alien Contact & Government Coverup

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This is an encore presentation.

Even though Dan Sherman wrote his book many years ago, his account of communicating with advanced extraterrestrial intelligences during three years of secret work in the Air Force has lost nothing since then, and the story comes across as utterly credible.

Currently a businessman living in Arizona with a wife and two children, Sherman had to be coaxed to be a Veritas guest. He says there's a price to be paid as a businessman for telling these kinds of truths. While always proud of his contribution to "keeping the world in balance" through government secrecy, Sherman says some things are so profoundly part of the human story that they need to be shared.

Since 1949, for one thing, we have been in contact with beings far more intelligent than we, beings that interbred with humans at some point in the past, beings that shared and are probably still sharing information and technology. These beings tinkered with his DNA while in utero, back in 1963/64. They built a human, thousands of them, by Sherman's account, who could receive and send communiqu�s telepathically. This was done with full consent of entities within the U.S. government, which wanted a special force of individuals who could carry messages when electro-magnetic incidents took down all normal Earthly communication.

Sherman's thinking that might be within the next 20 years. "It would have to be, if they expected it to happen within our lifetimes."

Sherman double-crossed his superiors played the black program against the gray program (gray is more secret than black; he worked for both; and neither knew about the other)?"and got out. By then the transmissions he was getting were talking about pain levels relative to abductions. He's still feels special that the ETs chose him to be a conduit, and he's still a patriot. But by that point he felt trapped. Precious little of the big picture would anyone tell him. "No need to know." He was worried he was involved with something nefarious.

Sherman deemed the first entity he communicated with, Spock, and the second one, Bones. The information downloaded into his brain, always while at work, except for one time when he was supposed to be at work, seemed scripted at first - information dumps that started with an identifying number. He would type the gist of what he was getting into a box on his computer screen. Some unknown receiving entity whisked it off.

Once when Sherman spontaneously beamed a question on a different "channel," Spock disconnected, later explaining that no human had come through on that level before. That was the beginning of a more personal exchange between Spock and Sherman. These entities come with emotion and texture and personality, Sherman says.

No longer an authorized tool, Sherman hasn't heard from Spock or Bones since leaving the Air Force. He does have the ability to predict strong earthquakes now, though.

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Dan Sherman was an United States Air Force security policeman, who is slowly recruited into Level One "grey" operations with the National Security Agency. Sherman`s recruitment begins with the shocking revelation (not by "channeled" information, but from an officer of the NSA), that he was genetically tampered with while still in his mother`s womb in order to bring about an "intuitive communicator" , who can communicate with aliens via code. The NSA had been secretly trying to engineer what they deemed as the next human step in communication with aliens into unknowing subjects in the 1960s (of which Dan is but one). The NSA basically let alone these subjects until the age of 25, at which time, by a process of seeming synchronicities, they were brought closer within the fold of secret intelligence. Every move they make proceeds down well-oiled lines of behavioural science and very tight, practical, "need-to-know" scripting. What unravels is that Dan Sherman`s life had been engineered, at a distance, by the military, watching him at every step along the way all his life, in order to eventually recruit him into their secret ops.

Dan Sherman spent almost three years as an intuitive communicator while serving in the United States Air Force. Tonight, he will tell us about his training, things he learned from his alien contacts and the events that led him to seek a discharge from the air force. By coming forward, Dan hopes his story will encourage other insiders to do likewise. Dan served over 12 years in the United States Air Force and has been recognized for heroism and has been decorated with the Air Force Commendation Medal and the Air Force achievement medal with two oak leaf clusters. He has also received the Air Force outstanding unit award with three oak leaf clusters as well as being honored for service in the Persian Gulf. Dan is married and has two children.

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Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny Insider Account of Alien Contact & Government Cover-Up

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