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September 22, 2022

Gloria Moss, Ph.D.

The Dark Side of Academia: How Truth Is Suppressed

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This interview is dedicated to all those who seek learning and knowledge wherever it may lead them. It should and will open your mind not only to the dark side of academia and the way truth is suppressed but also to a multitude of topics' historical, literary, scientific and medical on which narratives handed down by universities are found wanting. What is more, it should reveal organizational, political and financial problems within universities that compromise research and teaching in pursuit of the truth. It is hoped that intrepid seekers of the truth will help spread the word about the way that unbiased research and teaching is currently under attack within the university systems of the world.

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From Prof. Gloria Moss:

My journey began with a degree in French language and literature, then one in Medieval Studies and then degrees in the Social Sciences including a PhD. My professional background was as a Training and Development Manager in industry before I moved full-time to academia, becoming a Professor in the field of Social Sciences.

Over an extended period of time, starting from the 1990s, the process of removing myself from the status quo gradually evolved with the realization that it no longer provided solutions or accounts of events or phenomena that matched reality. This process was kick-started by the process of applying critical thinking to a number of topics that came my way. The first case concerned some snippets of information about the Great Fire of London, and the anomalies that came to light, caused me in the fullness of time to question the official account that this Great fire was the product of negligence on the part of Thomas Farriner, the baker in Pudding Lane.

And so it was with the second topic, that of the Dead Sea Scrolls site of Qumran with anomalies in the evidence leading me towards an interpretation that was at odds with the mainstream. Likewise, it was a chance event at an Art Gallery in London that drew me into the Gender difference debate and to research over a twenty year period that produced powerful evidence for cognitive sex differences, findings that cut against the mainstream view that there were no differences.

Finally, it was my own professional interest in organizations and how best to fashion these so that they can support productive and creative work by people with high levels of positive mental well-being, that led me to undertake cutting-edge work on Best Practice Leadership. This work highlighted the importance of a humane style of leadership that again was not widely supported by the mainstream -- indeed, just as with the work on gender and design, there were forces keen to suppress the work.

So, the process of asking questions opened up new vistas and made it apparent that society was not always welcoming of these insights. This produced determined efforts to map the new territories and restore critical thinking to areas of interest. This kick-started initiatives to establish new institutions be they places of learning such as Truth University or publishing houses such as Truth University Press.

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