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November 10, 2022

Michelle Gibson

Eyes Wide Open: A Historical Detective's Perspective on Our Hidden Past

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For many of you, your journey began with reading Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision. His theory of multiple worldwide cataclysmic events occurring at regular intervals is a catalyst for further research as he was able to back up all his findings. I continue to conduct interviews like tonight's to challenge your thinking. Are you of the school of thought that canyons and gorges were originally quarries that were mined out by the same civilizations that built the pyramid-like structures? We receive a lot of messages from engineers, architects and designers, who are history and antiquitech enthusiasts.

These age-old enigmas we members of a global species now find ourselves trying to remember! I think many of us right now are somewhat ... In the "know" intuitively! And... It doesn't look really promising with parasitic fallen ones desperately deceiving humanity. Wonder, opens the mind, and that's a beautiful thing. Even if your history was erased because of some power. Don't give up, because it flows through your veins.

Either Tartaria was an empire, and there has been a conspiracy to conceal it, or thousands of mapmakers and historians in the Middle Ages conspired to make it up.

Clearly, the latter is completely ridiculous. (Wikipedia's argument is that it was just a term used to denote unknown and unconquered land, which is equally absurd.)
So why are they hiding this?

Long story short, unraveling the alternative history, and with the help of Newton and Fomenko, we see a new chronology where we're actually only in the year 1300 AD or so.

And for the skeptics laughing at this, the irony is that Fomenko was an atheist mathematics and history professor, basing his chronology on science, whereas the chronology that the majority uses is based on the works of an ignorant and religious zealot Scaliger, who conflated the Middle Ages with fake histories and dates used from made up sources. So now even the atheist is in a conundrum.

If you look at Rome and Turkey, you can see that a massive cataclysm, like the apocalypse is what caused all of the melted buildings and complete annihilation of stone architecture. This is something that barbarians couldn't have achieved.
If we actually look at the architecture from the so called "dark ages", we actually see a society of highly advanced antiquitech.

This society ended with a massive cataclysm, known as the mudflood, which by means of soil liquefaction sunk the majority of the buildings of the world dozens of feet into the ground.

The survivors used the world fairs of the 1800s to control the narrative and create an excuse to get rid of the architecture and technology by means of dynamite and destruction.
We are living in the post millennial reign.

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Michelle Gibson was born in July of 1963 and raised outside of Washington, D.C., in Montgomery County, Maryland. She holds a bachelor's degree in Social Work and Psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Throughout her life, Michelle has lived in various places and traveled extensively, experiences that have broadened her perspective and fueled her curiosity.

Currently residing in Sedona, Michelle is a firm believer that many of history's mysteries stem from the fact that we have not been told the true history. Her fascination with megaliths has been a lifelong passion, leading her on a journey to uncover hidden truths about our past.

Michelle's research led her to discover a star tetrahedron on the North American continent by connecting the dots of major cities and extending the lines outward. This method revealed cities that aligned in a circular fashion, taking her on a remarkable tour of the world to places she had never heard of, yet shared remarkable similarities across countries.

Through her extensive study and exploration, Michelle has uncovered information that she believes is crucial for bringing back into collective awareness. She provides compelling evidence to support her findings, aiming to shed light on the true history of our world and its ancient structures.

Her work, documented on her website, challenges conventional narratives and invites others to explore the hidden dimensions of our historical record. Michelle's insights and discoveries continue to inspire and provoke thought, making significant contributions to the field of alternative history and ancient mysteries.

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