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December 15, 2022

Mike Wilkerson

Bio-Geology: The Remnants of Titans

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What you believe to be true, is it really true? Or have you just accepted it at face value because it's what you were taught and have never looked any further into it? There is a wealth of evidence backing the idea that giants were once a part of this world, found in photographs, mythological stories, religious records, archaeological finds and architectural structures. Tonight's special guest will add a valuable piece to this portfolio of proof. Throughout history, our comprehension of the physical world has undergone numerous modifications. It's natural to disregard ideas that seem absurd with a casual gesture. But it's something altogether different to assess the objective world free from any pre-established beliefs.

Thousands of years ago, there were people who were much larger than the average human today. These giants had a significant influence on the cultures of the time. Legends describe them as powerful, wise, and sometimes even immortal. They were regarded as heroes, gods, and demigods, depending on the culture. Archaeological evidence of their existence can still be found all around the world, from the ruins of ancient temples and cities to the artifacts that have been unearthed. There are numerous stories of these giants in ancient texts and myths, and they were often seen as symbols of strength and power. In some cases, it is even believed that these giants may have been the source of some of the ancient civilizations' most advanced technologies. There are also accounts of the giants interacting with humans, either as friends or enemies.

As technology and science continue to advance, more evidence of the existence of these giants is being discovered. We can now look back at the past and more accurately assess the impact that these giants had on the cultures of the time. In many cases, it can be seen that the giants played a role in shaping the world that we know today, from the construction of monuments to the introduction of new technologies. There is even the possibility that these giants may have been the originators of modern-day ethnic customs. The idea of giant beings existing in the past may seem outlandish and absurd, but it is important to objectively evaluate the evidence that exists in its support.

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Mike Wilkerson has always had a knack for asking unconventional questions. As a teen computer hobbyist turned hacker in the early 80`s, his thirst for knowledge led to wild adventures with some of the top hackers in the nation. But in 1985, the fun ended in a brief incarceration, after being caught for his infiltration of computer servers at Microsoft and three other Seattle area companies. Though he has walked the straight and narrow since then, Mike`s propensity towards questioning the unquestionables has never waned. In the decades that followed, he morphed from a mischievous hacker, to a benevolent back-cracker. For over a decade now, Mike has lived and worked as a chiropractor on the Costa Blanca in Spain, where his mission is to improve the health of the world one spine and mind at a time. Mike is a father of two, an avid hiker, health crusader, artist, budding author, and mapper of rabbit holes. He is also a purveyor of the nascent academic disciplines of BioGeology and Titanology. As a part-time independent researcher, Mike has focused primarily on alternative history, non-standard cosmologies, catastrophism and rapid petrification.

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