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December 29, 2022

Danielle Silverman & John Biggerstaff, Ph.D.

Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence

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The complete title is: Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence: The Battle between Natural and Synthetic Beings for the Human Soul

The author of the book was Nigel Kerner (1946-2022). He was a screenwriter, journalist, and author of Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls and The Song of the Greys. We discuss his final book on this interview: Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence: The Battle between Natural and Synthetic Beings for the Human Soul.

The rush toward a technologically advanced future is part of the Grey alien agenda. Humanity's biggest existential threat is our headlong rush to a technologically advanced future. Already we increasingly rely on smart devices to the point that they are becoming extensions of our bodies. We are at a turning point for our species in which our natural humanity is gradually being converted into an artificial format that will lead to the loss of our souls. And, as Nigel Kerner reveals in astonishing detail, the blueprints for this future already exist.

There are civilizations in our universe that have developed advanced technologies to become entirely artificial. The Grey alien entities, reported in tens of thousands of abductions, appear to be bio-machines, synthetic beings sent out as AI probes to gather information about something they lack that humans and other natural beings possess: a soul. Examining scientific, historical, cultural, and religious evidence forGrey alien visitations as far back as 40,000 years ago, the author reveals that the Greys themselves set us on this path toward artificial intelligence millennia ago. Kerner shows how our intrinsic nature as human beings is no longer entirely human: our natural consciousness and DNA have been hacked, and an artificial construct has been superimposed at the very foundation of our thinking processes. The author shows how our rush toward a technologically advanced, artificially intelligence future was seeded and precipitated by the Greys in order to control us and prepare us to fit in with their agenda for humanity.

Revealing the secret alien hives on our planet, their cconnections to governments, and their ultimate endgame to harvest our souls and alter our DNA, by developing yourself on a soul level, by recognizing your individual connection to divinity, you can protect your soul field and your consciousness from the Greys' terrible manipulations.

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Danielle Silverman is a UK-based researcher and editor. She has worked for over 30 years alongside the late author Nigel Kerner, having collaborated on all three of his books. She remains profoundly inspired by his groundbreaking explanation of the rationale behind alien visitation, not only defining what these visitors are but how they came to be.\r\n\r\nJohn Biggerstaff, Ph.D.: My main interest in research has been the study of how the immune system is affected by and can respond to treat inflammatory diseases, including cancer. In these studies I reached the position of Research Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee. In 2013 I returned to the UK and I retired in 2021. While studying for my first degree, I became interested in the role of electric and magnetic fields in the organization of biological systems; a subject which is frowned upon, even today, in the scientific community. In addition, I have worked with other colleagues on projects in a wide range of scientific fields including biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, nutrition, biocompatibility, archeology and environmental science, giving me a wide overview of the concepts driving many scientific areas of study. I have known Nigel Kerner since 1975. We became firm friends due to our insatiable interest in researching questions which science and religion seem to shy away from. These include the nature of life, the nature of consciousness in the universe and the reality of UFOs and grey alien artificial intelligences. After many years of study, Nigel began to write his trilogy and I was proud to be with him during this time. Nigel`s overall theses on greys, life, death, the universe and the godverse are unique in my experience and it is a true honor to have known him and to be able to assist in presenting his ideas to the public who, I hope, will be as interested as I am in these life changing ideas.

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