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ūüéß We hope you have enjoyed tuning in to Veritas with Mel and have found the show informative, thought-provoking, and engaging. If you have benefited from the show and have a few moments to spare, we would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a review on this Truth Reviews page. Your feedback helps us to improve the show and reach more listeners.

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Hello Mel,

I have been a subscriber of yours right from the beginning and will continue as long as you are up and running. In my opinion, you have been the best interviewer out there, and that is why I have stayed with you for all these years. I just had to send you a message to tell you that and also how very impressed my wife and I were with your professionalism in the latest interview with Eric Hecker. He was very defensive in the beginning, and I think you parted with trust and perhaps a friendship, all because of who you are. Thank you so much for being you.

God bless and take care.
Gary P.

Dear Mel,

As a long-time member of Veritas Radio, I've always been captivated by the diverse topics you delve into on the show. It's this variety and depth that keeps me coming back for more. Now, with the introduction of the "Insider News" section, you've taken it to another level. Your blog is a brilliant extension of what you do on the show, offering insights and perspectives that are both enlightening and thought-provoking. It's clear that the same passion and dedication you bring to the show is now reflected in "Insider News". Thank you for continuing to expand our horizons and for always keeping things fresh and intriguing.

With appreciation,
Samuel R.

Hello Mel,

My name is Ry, and I'm from England. My truth journey started when I was a kid, and since then, I have ravenously set about trying to find as much information as possible to answer the primordial questions that every person must wrestle with in life. Three years ago, I discovered Veritas, and I have to tell you that what you've created is astounding. Anything and everything that a truth seeker could wish for exists in the stellar compendium that is the Veritas Radio Archive, and I admire your knowledge, your passion, and your dedication. I want to let you know as well how much you've personally influenced and inspired me. Refusing to vaccinate or take PCR tests, I vowed to myself as soon as the world opened up again to visit sites in the world that are the hallmarks of human history. And I can proudly tell you that with Veritas and its guests playing in my ears, I've returned from the last 20 months of traveling to over 45 countries all over Africa, Europe, and the Middle East to see sights such as Gobekli Tepe, Stonehenge, and Baalbek. In this, I just want to tell you how grateful we all are for what you do and how much it matters. Thanks to you and your guests, this everyday person has seen some of the world's greatest sights. And why did I do it? Because I don't want to believe. I want to know.

Dear Mel,

As a long-time member of Veritas Radio, I've always been captivated by the diverse topics you delve into on the show. It's this variety and depth that keeps me coming back for more. Now, with the introduction of the "Insider News" section, you've taken it to another level. Your blog is a brilliant extension of what you do on the show, offering insights and perspectives that are both enlightening and thought-provoking. It's clear that the same passion and dedication you bring to the show is now reflected in "Insider News". Thank you for continuing to expand our horizons and for always keeping things fresh and intriguing.

With appreciation,
Samuel R.

For over a decade, Veritas with Mel has been my guiding light in the vast expanse of alternative research. Each season brings a fresh perspective, unveiling layers of truth that mainstream media often overlooks. The dedication to 15 seasons is a testament to the show's unwavering commitment to its listeners. Every episode is a deep dive into the unknown, and I always come out enlightened. Mel's genuine curiosity and respect for his guests make for captivating conversations. Here's to many more seasons of discovery!

Warm regards,
Anthony M.

Veritas Radio has been a beacon of truth in my life. Celebrating 15 seasons is no small feat, and it's evident in the quality and depth of each interview. Mel's approach is both insightful and respectful, allowing guests to share their expertise without interruption. The vast archive means I have access to a treasure trove of knowledge spanning years. It's not just a show; it's an education. Thank you, Veritas, for 15 seasons of enlightenment!

Best wishes,
Clara S.

Having journeyed with Veritas Radio for several seasons, I can confidently say it's more than just a show ‚Äď it's an experience. 15 seasons of relentless pursuit of truth have equipped me with knowledge and perspectives that are rare to find elsewhere. Mel's dedication to bringing forth hidden truths and his ability to engage with a wide array of experts sets Veritas apart. With access to all these seasons, I feel like I have a library of wisdom at my fingertips. Here's to many more seasons of exploration and understanding!

Leonard J.

Dearest Mel,

Just a quickie to say that I am loving the overhaul to the site. It's a lot easier to navigate. I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing the world truths that we need to know. You are unique. Thank you.

Keep safe always,

I think Mel is a wonderful meditation guide. I just tried the new guided meditations section of the website and wanted to comment. His guided meditations are soothing and calming, and he has a great way of helping people relax and connect to their inner peace. His calming voice and gentle guidance make it easy to focus on relaxation. I look forward to many new meditations.


Veritas with Mel has changed my life in an incredibly positive way. I have been following the show for the last two years and I have learned a great deal about topics that I never knew existed. Mel is an amazing host who brings an incredible amount of knowledge and passion to the show. He is truly an expert in the field of alternative research, science, and the paranormal.

The show covers a wide variety of topics, from ancient aliens to the hidden histories of our world. It is always interesting and informative, and I find myself learning something new each time I listen. The guests that Mel invites onto the show are always interesting and knowledgeable, and the conversations are always engaging and thought-provoking.

The show has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities, and has enabled me to think more critically about the topics I am researching. It has also given me a greater appreciation for the many mysteries of our universe. I highly recommend Veritas with Mel to anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge and explore the unknown. It has been an invaluable resource for me, and I know it will be for many others as well.


Eunice P.

Mel, I just want you to know; there isn't a more anticipated, enjoyable, informative program online, offline, inline or outline…You are such a fantastic host. You have great cadence. Your voice has a very calming effect on me. I appreciate your view on the world as it IS, not as it is being presented. Probably the best overall content on one channel due to the wide array of incredibly LEARNED and insightful guests that join your show. I really appreciate what you do, Mel. I'm somewhere in your neck of the woods. Born and raised here in Phoenix since 1982. I've questioned everything my entire life. You've exposed me to so many more great lanes of thought, fields of study and streams of consciousness. Please don't stop.

Thank you,

David T.

Dear Mel,

I'd posed to you a burning question -- "Why can't we have it all?" -- and you gave this question, as all the others on your Christmas Eve program, your radiant consideration. I join the rest of your loyal listeners in thanking you for your contemplations, reflections, and rays of hope essential in moving forward into an uncertain New Year in a proactive and positive way.

Like a fireside chat, VERITAS RADIO radiates in the darkness of a conversation the light of Truth for humankind. Long enough are your programs" hours for us to find our favorite chair and cozy up to our computer screens, and stare straight into the flame. We listen intently to the pop and crackle of topics being explored by you and your guests -- and breathe in the oxygen of a deeper way of thinking that releases the embers" glow.

I"m reminded of a card from Christmases past, which contained a quotation from an author unknown.

It read: "Four dry logs have in them all the circumstances necessary to a conversation for 4 or 5 hours. Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius."

The content of VERITAS RADIO burns freely and cleanly. Keep stoking those logs, Mel, with your optimism and genius in your global fireplace. Spring is on its way!

Most Sincerely,


Thank you so much for who you are and what you share with us. Your show is a highlight for each week in my world.

Love to you and your family, Mel.

Margaret F.

My wife and I have been long time listeners and we enjoy the variety of guests and subjects that you cover. At 72, I find that I've never stopped leaning and this process should be continual until death. When a person stops learning, they are doomed by ignorance about an ever changing world. I have listened to many interviewers such as Kerry Cassidy, Alex Jones, George Noory and many others. I find that your style and method of interviewing is perhaps the standard that others can only aspire to. The fact that you are not argumentative, give the person a chance to finish their thought before asking a pertinent question, makes for a top-quality program. I notice that you ask a lot of the questions I would ask if I were there and some I never thought of. Anyway, kind regards to you and your family and wishing well for the upcoming year. Your work is appreciated.


Bill B.

I really don't know what I would've done without this radio program over the last 5 years. It stands like a sentinel guarding the truth for the seeker, amidst the tragedy that has become mainstream AND many alternative news sources now. Critical, intelligent thought, no sensationalism, no censorship, no outside sponsors (ie: no corruption). Just open and honest testimony from those that have lived and walked in a shadowy world most people THINK they know the truth of via nightly news. You don't know the truth, but it IS available to you, if you really want to know. And yes, it will piss you off, and then it will set you free.

For those that need academic credibility in order to open their own minds this is the latest interview, from last night, with Morgan Reynolds Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at Texas A&M University and former Director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis. If you desire to truly KNOW rather than to just believe, Veritas Radio is one of the last bastions of truthful information in media.

Many of you have commented over the years on how it's possible that I know so much about what's going on in the world and have the perspective I do, I'd venture to say that this has been my University, a higher school of learning than anything I could ever have paid thousands more for. I want nothing more than for people to wake up to what is ACTUALLY happening here on planet earth, replete with its convolution, and I also understand that shaking each other awake is traumatic.

So I will just keep posting the links to these conversations, and hope that they interrupt your dreamstate and disconnect the transmission of fear you fell asleep on in the first place. This is the only source for news I trust after 16 years down this rabbit hole. I encourage you to take a look as well. You will find a lot of the missing pieces your heart is telling you are there.

Thank you,


When Art Bell decided to not do radio, Mel Hostalrich hit the scene like a beacon of light to take the torch and run with it! We are in great hands Y'all!



I think your interview with Mary Rodwell was just superb. What a treasure she is.

Thank you,


Dear Mel,

Thank you so much for providing so many diverse thinkers. I listen many times a week, often hours at a time - Bravo! I travel worldwide, taking into account what you and your guests have been observing. Trying to put my head around what is going on globally has been an incredible task. I do see the push/pull in ALL governments. However, working with professionals, one-on-one, I see a common bonding among us lowly "workers/thinkers". So, what Len Kasten and Jason Quitt speak about is rather alarming, but I believe I see it in Japan, Korea, China, Australia, Germany, and Switzerland- really an amazing link........ worrisome too! My eyes and ears are ever open!

Many thanks for all that you do - I especially liked the David Adair interviews.

Best wishes,


Hello Mel!

I have been listening to your program for several years and have enjoyed every hour I have listened. You are by far one of my favorite interviewers. I love that you are so open minded and always let the guest speak their truth as the know it, a trait many interviewers lack. Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate you and all you do. Don't change and keep doing what you do.


I will admit it was wanting hour 2 of Neil Kramer that got me to join you, but DAMN GLAD I DID! Have truly enjoyed your recent guests and your gifts as an explorer of reality and an interviewer tremendously. Thanks so much and may you prosper!!

Suzanne F.

Dear Mel,

From a very young age, I was always acutely aware that the truth is being hidden from the everyday man and woman. When I was 16, I began to listen to Veritas and it has changed my life, just as Sanitas has. In a world where the wisdom of ancient cultures are ridiculed, young people are sorely in need of mentors who are willing to ask the questions that teachers and professors will not. For the past 6 years, you and your guests on both your shows have become my mentors. You have guided me through my teenage years into adulthood; I would not have become the person I am today without both Sanitas and Veritas. Your show has become a part of my everyday life. Mel, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you, and let you know that there are young people listening. We appreciate all that you do.

Best wishes to you and your family,


Thank you for everything that you are doing so that people like me, who want to know the truth, have an outlet where we are not judged and can listen to the ideas of others like us. It wasn't until I discovered this site years ago that I felt like I wasn't the only one wanting to know and questioning everything that I thought I knew. It has not been an easy journey but this program helps make the journey easier.

Thank you for doing what you do Mel.

Kimberly OH, USA

Hi Mel,

Recently signed up and thoroughly am enjoying listening to as many shows as possible just to catch up. I have it on in my car, on my iPod while riding on my bike and even running on the beach this morning listening the the real story of Christopher Columbus. :-) .

I just finished listening to the Cliff High "Where Are We?" Interview that I really loved.

Also the John Mennella Interview I found was extremely enlightening and inspirational as well.

Tomorrow I will focus on more Santos Bonacci and work in the direction of establishing personal Sovereignty.

Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration and work on perpetuating disclosure with the work are doing through Veritas.

I look forward to awakening more each day. It is a wonderful gift.

All the best to you Starbrother. Keep up the good work! ;-)

Christopher F.

West Palm Beach, FL

What a wonderful surprise...Today I received a personal call from Mel Hostalrich to help me resolve a membership problem...I was elated to hear his voice at the other end of the call...not only did he take care of the issue at hand, but he thanked me for being a loyal member of both Veritas and Sanitas...I'm not saying this is the norm to be able to speak with Mel on such issues...but, can certainly say I was which he so cordially replied...the privilege was his! I have been a member a couple years, and it is all due to Mel. I have listened and been a member of other alternative radio sites, but there is no one out there to compare to Mel. The diverse interviews, his knowledge and great questions he asks brings the whole picture into focus for those awake and awakes those who are not yet fully awake...Mel, I thank you for being a real human being! My hope is that those out there that are not members become don't know what you are missing!

Thanks again, Mel,

Elaine C.

I found your page and all the information on these interviews and most of the commentary here mind blowing and informative, Please keep up such great work here you have my full support.


I want to thank Mel Hostalrich and say that i am very proud of him doing the real work so people like me can really listen to "Veritas" truth, it takes a lot of everything to do what you do. Courage, fearlessness, drive to uncover the veil that is put over our eyes, so from a big fan, I will get worried when i stop hearing your voice, so please spread the truth let your voice be heard, maximum respect to you Mel, from Hamit in the Netherlands. LOVE YOU keep up the necessary work, I wish you and your family good health, good rest ,and a long happy life you deserve it. If people knew what work goes in to keeping a radio station working with all of the guests to appear, list to work out checking, double checking well hope you continue for a long long time to come. Peace, may you be surrounded with love above, beneath, left, right, front and your back,

HAMIT from the Netherlands

Hi, I am a subscriber, I greatly enjoy the guests you have on your show, and I am glad to have found you on youtube.

Great program guys. ¬†I've been a subscriber for the past 6 months. ¬†So much great content I had to renew.ÔĽŅ

Hi Mel,

Just wanted to thank you for your invigorating, profound, meaningful shows you are offering us. Indeed, it is such uplifting and great discoveries each time they come around :) We are so grateful to listen and watch your shows ... The last one of Cliff High is excellent!!! Thank you so much, thank you for being who you are!

Wishing you the very best to you and all your family!

Kind regards,


Mel does a new show every week and the first segment is free. The second segment is via subscription, no ads or breaks) and each show is 2+ hours or so. Topics range from typical 'conspiracy' stuff (like NWO, UFO, WTC, Black Projects...), to UFO/Paranormal, Gnosticism & Consciousness (without the New Age vibe), Government/Monetary Policy, HAARP, Chemtrails & Mind Control, Ancient Architecture, Alternative Health (Betty Martini's Aspartame show is a must-share), 2012, and all kinds of fascinating stuff.

Veritas' level of discourse is without peer on the internet, or any other media, and I ALWAYS learn new stuff on subjects where I thought I was up to speed. Unlike many other shows I also feel uplifted after listening, even when the content is pretty dark, b/c I feel empowered to either 'be the change' or confident that there are alternatives to the subterfuge when such bright lights come together to share. Oh, and I'm not affiliated with Veritas or Mel, and don't benefit from the show in any way other than the pleasure and information gleaned when listening.



I'm a single mom on a shoe-string budget too, but Veritas is a nominal amount per month, less than a couple cups of coffee and worth more than I could EVER put a monetary value on. We've all been "supporting" cable and digital TV outlets for so long that give us nothing but fear and doom and gloom and "reality" that is nothing like Reality, it's time to "support" TruthÔĽŅ in media. Veritas is exactly that. I'm so glad I made the commitment to this radio station, for myself and my family :)


Dear Mel,

Please accept my warmest regards and many thanks for your wonderful inspiration with what you are doing.

I have just applied the membership on your site today in order to be able to get more information on what is going on on this planet and beyond.

I am Polish-born living abroad for over 30 years (now in Vienna-Austria) and being fascinated with your work.

I am very fascinated in the way you interview your guests. In fact you are my most respected journalist in the world.

Thanking again and again for what you are giving humanity.

Sincerely yours,

Danuta Anna Sharma

Kia Ora from Aotearoa (New Zealand), by way of Los Angeles ;) My name is Reirani, I'm 36 and a singer/songwriter based in LA. I'm Polynesian (Maori) and as such have a cultural, social and familial history of sorts with the ET/UFO topic, something that has always been a part of our creation mythology much like the Native American "Star Brother" stories. I'm excited to be a member of Veritas, a show I have been listening to avidly for the past year, and more importantly to support a commercial-free, censorship-free forum that is both mature, insightful and deeply moving all at the same time. Its about time and it is so refreshing! These really are the only topics worth discussing at this pivotal time. Thanks for all you do Mel to keep it so real, for being that multi-faceted human being that did not stop when the world said you'd made it! We are Eternal Beings, ever-evolving explorers on the verge of new realities with every breath. It is a good time to be alive, exciting, challenging and altogether a wonderful ride. I look forward to checking in here on the forum and meeting and connecting with everyone.

Aroha Nui (Big Love!)


Hi Mel, Love the blend of spiritual, intellectual and scientific information you present on Veritas. Keep up the great work! My goal is to "Find the Others"

Love and Light,



Veritas Radio is the best production, not just on the net or airwaves. It transcends Global Class, and forget the solar system, it is A Galaxy Class Event. In my opinion the most valuable time spent learning a person can do, it is a great gift to us all. The refinement, grace and dignity with which it is conducted is Magnificent.


A. Knowlton
Newport, R.I.

Veritas Radio - "Alternative Media for the Discerning Mind." This weekly broadcast has become the go-to source of excellent interviews, uninterrupted, uncensored, intelligent discourse, no commercials. Host and owner Mel Hostalrich, a man with a wife and toddler who lives in Arizona comes from a family that left Spain because of Franco, and Cuba because of Castro. He grew up in Puerto Rico. Keen-minded and well-prepared, Hostalrich, who began broadcasting on a lark in 2008, has nearly perfected the art of choosing guests, asking the right questions, and not derailing delivery. The first hour is free, but the second hour is always better. Join for $9.99/mo. It's worth it.

I saw so many topics that are covered brilliantly on Mel Hostalrich's internet radio show, "Veritas", that I wanted to share the link. I did a search for 'Veritas', and nothing came up, so hopefully this isn't old news to y'all?

Mel does a new show every Thursday and the first segment is free, the second segment is via subscription ($9.99/month, no ads or breaks) and each show is about 3 hours or so. Topics range from typical 'conspiracy' stuff (like NWO, UFO, WTC, Black Projects...), to UFO/Paranormal, Gnosticism & Consciousness (without the New Age vibe), Government/Monetary Policy, HAARP, Chemtrails & Mind Control, Ancient Architecture, Alternative Health (Betty Martini's Aspartame show is a must-share), 2012, and all kinds of fascinating stuff.

The level of discourse is without peer on the internet, or any other media, and I ALWAYS learn new stuff on subjects where I thought I was up to speed. Unlike many other shows I also feel uplifted after listening, even when the content is pretty dark, b/c I feel empowered to either 'be the change' or confident that there are alternatives to the subterfuge when such bright lights come together to share.

Tonight's show guest is John Major Jenkins (don't know anything about him--yet :-) and it posts in the evening. You can listen to all the archives free, there are two years worth--great stuff. Oh, and I'm not affiliated with Veritas or Mel, and don't benefit from the show in any way other than the pleasure and information gleaned when listening.

So, again, hope it's OK to post about this here?

And I'm still hoping to order some Iodine before I take yet another overseas plane flight radiation blast on Wednesday. Is there a better way to contact Trapper to discuss order particulars?



I'm going to prepare you for what it is my think tank, from every walk of life has come up with. I was there when Mel Hostalrich came into his own with Veritas Radio. I was behind him all the way. He and I shared many a good laugh at the circus clowns that came to town. What a class act he is! The difference between Mel and the Clowns in the circus, is he actually researches his subject. You won't see him doing psychic readings to get an audience. With an intelligent and highly unbiased perspective, he brings all views to the table. He does not get his information on outdated youtube videos, and expect you, the audience to adhere to those videos. He actually does some damned research! Imagine that! An alternative media show that has done some investigative research. How avant-garde! Two thumbs up for Mel Hostalrich!

Excerpt from blog: ttp://

VERITAS ith Mel Hostalrich - Great show. It's supported 100% by subscriptions, and it's worth every penny...and a whole lot more. No censoring. No advertisements. No interruptions. Mel asks great questions and he makes it all about the subject, giving his guests all the time they need to explain. Not to mention, his guests are the most interesting guests I've ever heard.

Hi Mel,I have been meaning to drop you a line for some time. Your show and what you do is making a huge difference in getting the truth out and I want to thank you.

Your work has also made a huge impact on my life. I have spent hours and hours listening to you and your guests on my ipod, walking, mowing the lawn, whatever. My original interest in your show was in the areas of ET contact, black ops and the like. I ran into you once at Steven Greer's first Rio Rico gathering but I didn't introduce myself as I hadn't discovered your show yet.

You have helped to expand the scope of my understanding of many issues. As I jumped around your guest list after subscribing, I find it interesting what guests I would listen to and those I would save for a later listening. One such guest was Crystal Clark. I avoided her show for months. I don't know why. Maybe I wasn't ready. When I did listen, it had an enormous impact on me. In fact, I have probably listened to that 4 hour interview at least seven times, picking out different ideas to ponder. I bought her book, rounded up the full reading list and have been studying it all since then. The wide and varied topics you cover on your show are far more interrelated than I ever thought. Again, I would have never run into Crystal without you having brought her work to my attention.

In the spirit of discovery, and on your recommendation, I am going to try MMS after listening tonight to your mini interview with Jim H.

Thanks again Mel, you are doing an incredible job.

Kevin T.

Mel: Thanks for sharing Kevin. Glad you joined us.



I have just downloaded your last 3 audio files now and looking forward to listen to them. Your show is what I am looking most forward to every week, there is really nothing else that comes close to your show. My week is really not complete without a new Veritas Radio. I hope we can get Maximillien de Lafayette on your show one day! Keep up the amazing work Mel."

Mel: Thanks Kim. Glad you're enjoying it. Have you submitted Maximillien as a guest suggestion at the forum?




My name is Robin I'm from Denmark Europe Scandinavia i just found your site and started to subscribe to Veritas and i love it. I'm also a long time subscriber to : Coast to Coast ( It was way better in the Art bell years) Unknown country ( It was also better in the Art Bell years but it still has Linda Moulton Howe) Bufo ( a lot of good show about sasquash) BBS ( mostly for Fred Bell, James Gilliland and Brooks Agnew) But I got to say that Veritas top the list of my favorite show, I will be a long time subscriber to Veritas. I think that a lot of people me included would like to hear something from the still alive members of the UFO/alien side of the Montauk Project: Preston Nichols (that would be one cool interview) Duncan Cameron, Stewart Swerdlow, Al Bielek.

Thank you for making Veritas.


Mel: Hello Robin. Thank you so much for subscribing and for the vote of confience. That list of people you mention would definitely be a great show.



Subject: Seriously, Mel...

I'm not brown nosing in any way, but I just have to give you serious respect for the quality of your show. I love how you change the opening music and speak with such rich subtlety in the introductions. Every part of the show is polished and interesting, with no BS. I'm not kidding when I say that yours, my friend, could be the show that replaces Coast To Coast AM as the Must Listen show of the week. Keep up the good work, brother!


Mel: Dear Scott, thank you for one of the biggest compliments I have ever received. Those are very huge shoes to fill.

Best always,


Hi Mel,

Really love your show. The guests you interview have and are enlightening me in many ways. Just joined as one of your subscribers and I am enjoying listening to all of your past interviews. Great stuff!!! Love it!

Something is happening in our world Mel. I feel it. Something big. I don't know exactly what, but like many I know it is ... something, a change for the better but maybe a tearing down of the old for birth of the new? 2017 bringing the biggest change is my feeling. Changes sometimes are painful but for the highest and best good for all concerned.

Keep up the great interviews and keeping us informed and connected. Thank you for your wonderful style. Thanks for being you. (big grin)

All-ways, Janae'

Mel: Dear Janae'. Thank you for becoming a Veritas member and for your very kind words.

Dear Mel,

I've never posted a comment on Veritas Radio website and I probably never will but I just have to tell you how your guest interviews have affected me. I don't know what's going on but it seems I'm in-tune with what your guests are talking about since I first became a member this year. For example; Friday May 28 and I get home from work, opened my email and saw the next show listed. I smiled to see your next guest, Jay Weidner, talking about "director Stanley Kubrick, whom he believed was trying to reveal knowledge of secret ruling societies, in his films like Eyes Wide Shut, and an abandoned project called The Aryan Papers". Not 1 hour before that I was thinking about the meaning of that same movie, Stanley Kubrick and the Illuminati.

I probably sound like some flake but I just want you to know I think you're really hitting on some stuff that could be historically important and relevant to everyone's need to know. You ask the best questions and listening I'm thinking the same questions you're asking. Your mind has such a universal flow, I wonder if you meditate? You're a natural. Mel, you're great, your style is great. I think greater things are ahead for you and I wish you the best of luck.

I just turned 50 and I started listening to some of these ideas about 2 1/2 years ago but I've always been interested with history, ancient cultures, & metaphysics. I started listening to Project Camelot, David Wilcock and Coast to Coast on YouTube. Then I found your website. I've listened to almost all the interviews. Your guests give so much more information and really should be heard by a bigger audience. I loved, LOVED, listening to Bob Dean, Richard Hoagland, Paul LaViolette and Brook Agnew. Just so darn fascinating. Please have them back! I'm so eager to hear your next lineup of guests! I feel I've got a really good secret and it's an exclusive club. But there are so many people that don't think this stuff is important. And it is pretty wild stuff. I wish they would just give it a listen. To make a long story short I hope whatever is up for us in the next few years will bring us more harmony and peace and you just keep doing what you do best because so many of us love you.

All the best to you,


Mel: Thank you for your very kind words Pamela. I wish I knew how to meditate. I've tried and always fall asleep. I need a good teacher. Thank you for writing and for sharing your impressions. That means a lot to me.

I've only been a subscriber to Veritas Radio for two weeks now and I'm already wondering why it took me so long to discover this treasure trove of knowledge.

Mel Hostalrich is the force behind this truth machine. His central motto, which he borrowed from Jordan Maxwell, should tell you everything you need to know: "I am an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge."

His three hour interview with trial lawyer and environmental scholar Andrew D. Basiago is in my opinion the best one out there with this guy. The story is nothing less than incredible and Mel asked some very astute questions which really helped to flesh this story out a bit more than other radio hosts have done in the past. Mr Basiago claims to have photographic evidence of life on Mars, but the real fantastic part of the story is his participation in a program called Project Pegasus along with the claim of making two separate trips to Mars using Tesla teleportation technology.

At $7 dollars a month I call Veritas Radio a solid value. Add to that his frequently updated blog and members forum and you've got yourself a better deal than most entertainment choices out there.


Mel: Dear Marc. Thank you for your kind description and I'm glad you are finding value in your subscription.


"I have heard over 15 radio shows with the Filmmaker and John Searl and yours lead them to NEW HEIGHTS. Your format, insightful questions and open mind are a true gift to this man and ALL the other guests you have on your show. Your show is like HD-3D while the 'others' are analog. Thanks for being TRUE and bringing a whole new level of professionalism and quality to this field. I wish you the most success and to all who come on your show, that have a TRUTH to share. I can't praise you and the show enough....;-)"

Cara Fay

Mel: Dear Cara, thank you for one of the biggest compliments I have ever received. Those are very big shoes to fill and very, very high expectations. I am glad you are enjoying the show and I want to thank you for what you do for Prof. Searl as well. You have earned your title of PRINCES OF ENERGY (P.O.E.). Let's all keep pushing forward to help this man save the planet.

You're amazing Mel. With all the work you do to make the site valuable and easy to navigate for your listeners you still have the energy to create a new venue for us. Incredible! Video interviews!!

Thanks Mel

You're doing a fabulous job.


Mel: Thank you Fritz. You're referring to the videos. Yes, VERITAS is adding a new venue indeed and I will start including more video interviews all the time. They are all at The Manticore Forum.


I'm Charlotte Key and I am very interested in "contact", more so than "abductions." While I'll listen to anyone's story on this subject, my animus are persons who rattle off as if they have all the answers concerning ET presence. Nobody does. There could be many different species visiting and opinions appear to be strongly flavored by one's personal demons or angels, as the case may be. We have a hard enough time understanding other earthlings much less beings from light years away, or different dimensions. Maybe various researchers have manifold info but--well, they don't always know what it is they don't know. IMHO.

I discovered Veritas through the Kevin Smith show. Veritas and the Kevin Smith Show are now tied for place in my regard. Both are incredible. While I've been listening to other well known programs for years, and studying the subject intensively for even more years, Mel and Kevin have provided the best forums for guests. Mel brings a sort of wise innocence and earnestness to the genre--his comments and questions are spare so as not to interrupt the guest's narrative, startling, direct and tactful (difficult combo) and absolutely what everyone would really like to ask--not the filtered questions that most hosts ask. Kevin brings a lifetime of calm, expert interrogation to the genre--much needed. Many hosts may do their best, have good intentions, and are ok interviewers; but somehow they often miss the mark, get too absorbed in their own conceptions or what they think the audience should hear. . What a world with the web--now we can hear info anytime we wish that even just 20 years ago, we'd probably never get a chance to hear at all. Mel--welcome, so welcome to this genre. I have been waiting a long time for Veritas.

Mel: Hello and thank you Charlotte. I'm glad Kevin's show brought you here. Kevin is a friend and a true fellow truth seeker.

Enjoy the ride!



My husband and I have been a subscriber to your show since you started; we love it. Today I just purchased a gift subscription for my Mom for her birthday. I'm looking forward to sharing the great info you bring out to the world. I enjoyed the Crystal Clark interview and am going through her book now; it's very informative and I find a lot of synchronicities with things that have been going on in our life... amazing. Thanks for all your hard work. You're really making a difference in the world by shining the light on subjects that humanity is entitled to know.


Vicky M.

Mel: Thank you Vicky. It is a compliment to me when someone becomes a member. But that compliment is taken to the highest level when a member purchases a subscription for someone else. That validates that Veritas is truly making a difference and it's important enough to some, that they want to share it with someone else. I hope it makes a difference. Thank you for your loyalty.

Very best wishes,


I am HUGE fan of Veritas Radio, Mel. It's definitely the highlight of my week! I appreciate the investment of your time and effort to create such a high quality program each and every week. (Even the bumper music is awesome!) You are a very thoughtful, thorough, and intelligent interviewer and researcher. As someone who yearns to more deeply understand this fascinating and complex world, I appreciate your work immensely and applaud you!

In gratitude,


Mel: Thank you for the very nice compliment Mary. I am glad you are enjoying the show. Many people don't know this but I pick the music every week and sometimes it's like looking for the needle in the haystack, as I want it to correspond to the show's mood. I am really fortunate to do this and many of the questions you hear are from members of the audience. We have the best (and smartest) audience in the world. The one who is really honored and in gratitude is me.

I feel at home here thanks to Mel and his cornucopia of heart energy, integrity and openness. His interviews with unfamiliar names are quite impressive: loaded with valuable information that fills that craving when you don't know what you are craving. The biggest surprise are the interviews with people I have heard before. Mel's respectful and knowledgeable approach brings forth previously unseen dimensions to these people and their information. Mel's Veritas Radio is wholesome food for the soul bound to turn gourmands into connoisseurs and Mel isn't about to turn his creation into a road kill, fast food chain.

Best wishes for 2010!


Mel: Dear GrannyFranny, that message was so poetic. Thank you. I assure you Veritas will never turn into road kill, fast food chain or part of the mediaopoly. I'm glad you're feeling at home. All the best for 2010!

Hello Mel ! Congratulations on your 1 year made it happen because of your honesty, dedication and hard work. And probably because of something more; there are no coincidences, you've found this opportunity and the Universe found you. I think your listeners (myself included) would really appreciate if you would elaborate on this a little further. I know you've touched on the subject very briefly before (I think when you were speaking with Kevin Smith) but you've gained more insights since that time.... This is the stuff that binds us all together, people are hungry for that stuff and it's a huge part of identifying with the show host. That's a big part of why people appreciate you.......they identify with you and your quest. Please don't wait for someone else to interview you......your monologues are appreciated too. Keep up the great work !


Mel: Dear Marc, thank you for that. There is an audio file on the ABOUT page. Just scroll down to the bottom and it will give you a better idea of what brought me here.


First let me thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. You set a very high standard with the level of professionalism which you display in every interview. Thank you! There has never been a more important time, that shows such as Veritas Radio, (which my wife gave me a membership to as an early Christmas favorite gift!) have been needed. You can count me among the individuals who without a doubt FEEL...something big is coming. I have been researching this subject for quite a long time, almost obsessively for the past 2 years, and I have, as I suspect you may too, noticed something that keeps re-occurring in my research. The examples I'm about to give you, are just 1 small cross section of something I've seen all around this subject.

It isn't a stretch when considering human nature, and concepts such as "as above , so below", to imagine extraterrestrials that have negative intentions for humanity. It isn't any harder to conceptualize that in order to rise to a type 1, or even 2 civilization, that one must raise their consciousness, and leave greed and war behind to move into an intergalactic community. On this point, both groups are galaxies apart.

I'm beginning to have a very difficult time discerning what is real, and what is B.S. anymore. I suspect another of your guests, Norio Hayakawa left this field for the same reason. The disinformation is so wide spread, that it permeates every nook and cranny, and its fast becoming impossible to discern between fact and fiction. As an open minded skeptic, I will entertain just about anyone's ideas, if only for the the sake of reviewing another's perspective, and comparing it with my own. That is how we learn and grow. does one reconcile the conflicting stories,.. Corso was a great man! one will say, another will call him a fraud. We went to the moon, we never went to the moon, we have secret bases on the moon, and have teleported to mars. Everywhere I look I'm finding these conflicts. From one researcher to another, how do you feel about this, I KNOW you have too noticed. Perhaps you can find a way to incorporate this in your questions with some future guests, and try to reconcile this most valid point for all of us.

Thank you for your time Mel, again let me thank you for your important work, you have earned a great deal of respect and admiration from me. You belong at the front of this charge, and I'm proud to stand beside you, for I too don't want to believe, I want to KNOW! Take Care.


Curtis V A

Veritas Member!

Mel: Dear Curtis, thank you very much for that. I'm glad you enjoyed your wife's gift and it's obvious you're not putting it away in a drawer. Indeed, there is a lot of disinformation and it is up to us to examine every perspective.


You are a very good interviewer.  I put you up there with George Knapp of Coast to Coast and Mike Hagen of Radio Orbit talk show.

Best regards,

Paul LaViolette

Mel: Dear Dr. LaViolette. It is a great honor and an incredible compliment to hear you say that. Thank you for our interview, your patience and your bravery. We need more people like you in this world and perhaps we could definitely change the paradigm we live in.

Hey Mel, I'm a new subscriber and really enjoy the service you provide. I think for the price its a steal, considering the extraordinary wealth of information you've provided to us. I wish the best to 'Veritas' and sincerely thank you for your hard work to get this out. By the way, thank you for having Clif High on your program, it's how I learned about 'Veritas,' and motivated me to subscribe to hear other great familiar guests.


Mel: Dear Christopher. Thank you for becoming a member and I'm glad you seeing the value. Clif High is a friend and you could say he is a permanent fixture of the show.

Hi Mel,

I discovered your show last month because I'm a big fan of Clif, George and HPH. I'm a member now and am so glad I found your site. It's the best investment of $15 I've spent in a long time! I have been downloading all the past shows. It's really nice that you don't have any commercials and sponsors to interrupt.

I'm just writing to send you a big hug (I'm a "warm and fuzzy" kind of gal) and to say thank you for the amazing guests and your wonderful, conscious interview skills. I'm very sorry to hear about Robert Morningstar as he has lots of important information to disseminate.  The powers that be are scared about the population realizing how truly powerful we are as human beings, about us discovering all the wonders of the cosmos, and the wisdom and technologies of our ancient ancestors - and off world beings. It's very exciting.  It's only a matter of time that the existing governments, power structure and "corporatism" implodes so we can birth a new world. I'm learning to be self-sufficient, create my reality and gain as much "un-academic" knowledge as I can. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you're doing. Keep it up!



Mel: Dear Heather, thanks you for becoming a member and for your very nice remarks. A hug back to you!


I sat up till 12 last night listening to the Cliff High interview. I have heard them all and this was one of his best ones ever. Why? Because you LET THE MAN TALK. Most interviewers can't resist jumping in and breaking the rhythm of their guest. I learned a lot and was also excited to hear you ask questions that I myself have been dying to ask the man. I cannot get over how many times this genius has been interviewed and he patiently answers the most mind numbing questions you can imagine from the worst interviewers I have ever heard. I am a carpenter by trade and also an herbalist and if I can tell someone sucks then there is a problem. You don't suck.


Shawn-Won With Nature

Mel: Thank you Shawn. Clif is indeed a genius.

Mel: Thanks Patrice! Nice image.

Mel, I found your website by doing a google search on Clif High interviews and saw you had one. I listened to your interview with Clif and liked your style very much. While looking over your site I noticed you were going to have an show on Chemtrails and signed up right away! I am looking forward to it!


Mel: Hello Linda and welcome! 

Dear Mel, YOU are a forthright upstanding man and I appreciate your kind answer.  In the past I have given some sites access to repetitive subscription payments and it was absolutely impossible to stop them when I moved on in my interests.

By the way, what I neglected to say in my brief e-mail earlier is you have a very kind and compassionate interview manner, while being professional and unearthing exactly the information you are seeking for your listeners.  It is THAT proclivity on your part that has made me interested in pursuing your site further. Again, thank you for your response.  After I get my day in gear I'll 'try' Veritas Radio on for 'size' for 6 months, I think.  That's a fair trial for us both!  LOL

Blue skies, Mel,

Mary Jane G.

Mel: Hello Mary Jane and thank you for noticing. Yes, compassion and empathy are important parts of each interview. And yes, you don't have to subscribe. You can simply donate using the alternative payment method link.


I would just like to say that I have download and and listened to quite a few of the shows in the past couple of days and I just can't get enough. I am utterly astounded by the information that I have come across and I would just like to say keep up the great work I live in Salisbury in the UK no far from Stonehenge and have seen a number of strange things that I could not explain. I believe I have come across your site for a reason and will be telling many of my friends about your site.

Many thanks again,


Salisbury, U.K.

Mel: Hello Sean. I'm glad you're enjoying your membership. Many great shows coming up!

Mel, I can't thank you enough for the help in locating the requested music. Above this appreciation is the profound thanks for your very incredible show !!! Sir, I am a member of Veritas and would be at nearly any cost. I feel like a child waiting to open a gift with the early availability of each show on Thursday. For the sake of brevity my interest is mostly with UFOs as I witnessed 3 in '06. Their flight was uneventful in nature but literally my epiphany in life. Your interviews are second to none as well as your style. I wish you the best of luck my friend.

With kindest regards,

Ken S.

Mel: Thank you for the very kind words Ken and for being a Veritas member. That means a lot to me!

Mel, I can't thank you enough for the help in locating the requested music. Above this appreciation is the profound thanks for your very incredible show !!! Sir, I am a member of Veritas and would be at nearly any cost. I feel like a child waiting to open a gift with the early availability of each show on Thursday. For the sake of brevity my interest is mostly with UFOs as I witnessed 3 in '06. Their flight was uneventful in nature but literally my epiphany in life. Your interviews are second to none as well as your style. I wish you the best of luck my friend.

With kindest regards,

Ken S.

Mel: Thank you for the very kind words Ken and for being a Veritas member. That means a lot to me! are bringing a show into full maturity that is second to none. At first, when i listened to one of your shows quite a while ago I couldn't believe someone could be that good as an interviewer and draw the quality of interviewees that you have and do....more and more. I love being a member of Veritas and look forward to listening, usually after the fact, every show. Thank you so much for archiving the shows. That way, we can listen and often re-listen. You are doing a spectacular job and I pray the PTB leave you alone. TRUTH and those seeking it, need to have their day in court and I mean like NOW.

An avid fan and listener,

Daniel R.
Palm Springs, CA

Mel: Hello Daniel and thank you for the kind words and for being a member.

Mel, The wheels of disclosure are turning a little faster now with the great work you are doing here. The list of interviewees is very impressive and I feel privileged and honored to join them here at some stage. Truth, Justice and Freedom I stand by, the public deserve the truth regarding the Ufo/Alien interaction with planet Earth. My regards to you, Barry

Mel: Hello Barry. Yes, indeed. I look forward to adding you to the list and to keeping the pressure on; especially with our new motto: "Disclosure, one guest a time." I look forward to our future discussion...Many thanks.

Well, what can I say......!!!!!??????

I am half way through the 2nd segment of the show Mel and I have to say, this is quite the most incredible interview you have ever done.... How right you were when at the beginning you did state that this would test even our level of beliefs.......

I think I just had another paradigm shift... almost a quantum leap in thinking and consciousness expansion........

Phew.. I am stunned and thrilled and tingling all over with the information that Jo Ann has given us in this incredible world life threatening interview..


Mel, if I could physically hug you right now I would squeeze you so tight, you'd go blue xxxxxxxxxx

I have a feeling that this one will demand to be listened to at least 5 times or more in order for all the information to be taken in and digested.... this will be a big and very welcome shift of consciouness.

I would LOVE to talk with Jo Ann but as I will never get the chance Mel, please, please could you pass on my deepest, sincere thanks for an incredible few hours...

Why is Mark still in prison??? This man should be free and together they should be telling the world what he knows......... It makes me sooo angry to think that we could all gain soooo much with the information they could tell us all...

Thank-you, Thank-you Thank-you Mel


Torz xxxxxxxxx

Mel: Wow, thank you Torz. I will certainly pass this along to Jo Ann. Thank you for the kind words!

Dear Mel,

I just came across your website and show. I listened to your Veritas Disclosure audio. Wow! I am blown away by your story. I am more blown away by the fact that your website/show did not exist a year ago. Heck, it didn't exist more than 8 months ago! Your archive of past guests is so impressive in what you've done in such a short amount of time. It confirms to me that when things go in motion there are no limitations. Anything is possible!

I hope that we find the answers that we are seeking. It's quite a journey isn't it?

Best regards,

Emmanuel D.C.
Washington State

Mel: Thank you Emmanuel. We'll keep looking for answers and it's quite a journey, indeed!

Hi Mel,

 Enjoying the shows. You do a great and sophisticated program. In the meantime I sincerely hope you are on your deepest guard in your work. The psyop machine is multiplying and amplifying even as disclosure proceeds.

Warm Wishes,


Mel: Thank you very much Dr. MAG.

Dear Mel,

After hearing pretty much all of your podcasts, I wanted to write and congratulate you on the incredible job you are doing to elevate the UFO debate. Your shows and the way you present them have an audience friendly "old time radio" style that is sorely missing from so much of what I hear via Podcast or the web in general. Veritas Radio demonstrates a very high technical level in it's presentation and your calm yet persuasive manner is something I now look forward to each week. You treat your guests respectfully and never get in their way. Your skillful interview of Whitley Strieber was a highlight!

Thanks for your hard work and elevating the airwaves!


Jeremy H.
Studio City, CA

Mel: Thanks for the very kind words Jeremy. I'm glad you're enjoying the shows.

Mel: Again, I wanted to let you know that you are doing an amazingly good job! You may be one of the best interviewers doing the public gig, up there w/Art Bell...only better because you bring a lot of thought & preparation to your interviews. The last one you did w/Whitley is case in point....he was very passionate & 'difficult', yet you held your own quite nicely. I've been a Whitley website subscriber since he first started it... so, that's how I'm forming my opinion. Enjoyed your story that you shared last week also. Looking forward to listening to Colin come out from his hiatus.... I've been an 'alternate news maven' for eleven years, & am very discriminating, Aria

Mel: Thank you Aria. This means a lot coming from someone with a very discriminating taste. I'm a huge fan of Art Bell and know those are very large shoes to fill.

Hello Mel,

I have taken part in hundreds of interviews at all levels and in many countries over nearly 30 years and I can assure you that your style, easy manner and well researched questions are special and a pleasure. You are truly gifted Mel and thank you so much for the opportunity. What I felt to say, I've had told me by others who you have interviewed. Keep up the great work.

Colin Andrews

Mel: Thanks Colin. As a fan of your work, that is a huge compliment from the father of the term "Crop Circles". It was a true privilege and honor to have interviewed you and hope we can do it again in the near future. I know your show will be a Veritas classic.


So far I have heard three of your shows and I am trying to catch up where I can. You interviews are insightful and you really have changed something in me because, I don't want to believe anymore, I want to know. I have seen UFO's, apparitions, and shadow people, and have always been fascinated with Cryptds. Keep up the good work seeking the Truth.


Mel: Thanks Jeffrey. I'm glad you notice that in order to keep a good flow of great guests, they must be treated with respect.

Hello Mel,

I truly appreciate the work you are doing and hope that your donations can allow you to do this full time. I always remain a skeptic, though am curious to the core. I appreciate the tactfulness and respect by which you present yourself and your guests. Keep up the good work!

David Thomas,
Seattle, WA

Mel: Thanks David. I'm glad you notice that in order to keep a good flow of great guests, they must be treated with respect.

Your contribution to raising awareness of people is enormous. Your last interview with Dr .Bell was really eye-opening. Your show deserves the name Veritas! Keep doing good job. Take care!

Thank you!


Mel: Thanks Majda. I'm glad I'm living up to the Veritas name and expectations.

You of ALL hosts deserve to succeed in this Mel. I have said this have the best guests and the best interviews on a consistent basis that deserves to grow exponentially. I found your show just 2 weeks after you started it and am proud to say that I have not missed one, and I will be joining you and your cause very soon. Also, feel free to use this e-mail as a plug to your new undertaking as I back my words 100%

 Joshua C.

Mel: Thank you Joshua. That means a lot to me.

Hi Mel, Your interview with Clif (and naturally with all your other guests) was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!!! I am your great fan, your programs are getting better and better and I can't wait to the next one...

I perceive right now we need to raise our consciousness against obligatory vaccinations and not allow the world governments to create even bigger propaganda on the flu to justify why compulsory vaccinations could be enforced. I perceive there is a big serious agenda behind this current swine flu and it is getting out of proportion. People need to know, I am trying to do my maximum in Japan to spread the consciousness and sadly enough people here are pre-programmed and hard wired already. Small things can trigger huge paranoia and panic and in Japan only very few people are aware what is going on.

I could be wrong but those with dark agendas are trying to speed up the entire process...because they feel they are losing? Because the Light is getting brighter?

I congratulate you to your wonderful show once again!!!!


Jana M.

Mel: Thank you Jana. I personally will refuse to be vaccinated too!

Hello... Your show is one of the finest information talk shows ever produced on the subjects of UFO's. and the other mysteries. The show with David Sereda was fantastic. I look forward to each new show and have given a small donation to show my appreciation.

Robert T.

Mel: Thank you Robert.

Hello Mel,

Your shows are quite interesting. I was wondering if your interviews are going to be put on CD's for sale. This would be wonderful to listen to while I am driving on a long trip. You are very good at interviewing your guests.

Have a great day!



Mel: Hello Candy. With the advent of the MP3 player (i.e., iPod, Zune, etc.), I thought the CD was something from the past. However, you are not the first person asking for this. I may consider it in the near future.

Mel asked for an e-mail and I send such an e-mail in support of your programs. I was linked via a post on from another participant after discussing Clif High from yet another online radio program. I've even begun listening to your archives. Thank you for your program line-up and as long as your website isn't taken over by large corporate conservative mindset you'll have my support. Also, I'm not a conspiracy nut until the evidence becomes so over whelming, such as the UFO enigma, do I get involved. Continued success!

Stephen Tenace

Mel: Hello Stephen. Thanks for the kind words. You found me on Whitley Strieber's forum. Whitley will be with me shortly. I remember when I watched the movie Communion and that reinvigorated by desire to learn more about extraterrestrial life. Who would have thought I would be interviewing the subject of this book/movie years later.

Consider me a fan of your great show. It is obvious that you pick provocative and interesting guests with much to say about important issues of the day. I especially like the way you come very obviously prepared when you interview your guests.  This makes it so much more informative for your audience.  Thanks much for all your efforts. One technical request, however.  Your audio podcast files are huge.  Is there a way to make smaller files without compromising the audio too much? Thanks for your great show.

Keith Rowell

Assistant State Director,

Oregon MUFON

Mel: Thank you Keith. I hear you. However, due to the limited resources, I had to keep one file only, due to limited amount of space. At the same time, we get so many e-mails about how much people love the sound quality, that we decided not to compromise the quality; especially with so much hard disk capacity these days. If in the future we can change that, I will let you know.

Hello Mel,

My name is Xavier and I have been listening to your show from the Bronx in New York City. I very much enjoy your show and think it is an excellent source of information for all those wanting some insight into what is really going on. Thank you for bringing to the public such great guests. I very much enjoyed David Sereda on the show and am now beginning to research his work. His studies on the Harmonic Codes are quite extraordinary. The combination of physics and spirituality really grabbed my attention as they are both very important to me as well. As I follow the spiritual path, it's exciting to have physics correlate.

I am currently listening to the show with Pane Andov. Amazing. I, myself, practiced astral projection when I was in my first year of college. Again, thank you, Mel, for your excellent work and the information you allow the public to learn. If not for people like you, we would be stuck in ignorance much longer than we should.

I look forward to your future broadcasts and hope that this email finds you in good health and spirits.


Bronx, NY

Mel: Thank you Xavier!

I listened to one of your broadcasts. jolly good show all round.

Paul Sant
Malta, Europe

Mel: Thank you Paul!


G'day Mel, from the Gold Coast, Australia.

I am stunned. Your show is completely awesome! Thanks so much. Your efforts in this life, to get out the truth to you fellow man, are most admirable. 

Regards and respect, Lee R. 

Mel: Thank you for that Bodzoyfa!


Your show is so great. My hat's off to you for making it happen. You are very inspiring. I loved the John Lear interview. I've heard about 3 of his interviews over the last 6 months and yours was best. 


Newport Beach, CA

Mel: Thank you for the kind words Patrick!

Mel, I just want to say I have listened to many talk shows going back 20 years, and I have found your show to be first class. You seen to ask the right questions at the right time making your guests comfortable and guiding them to the next level. I enjoy listening to you. Keep up the great work!


Mark J.

Mel: Thank you very much Mark!

Hello Mr. Hostalrich,

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your show with Mr. Morning Star. Made me feel real proud as an Indigenous person, and I also loved hearing him speak of the importance of honoring the ancient ones involved in works we still consider mysteries to this day. Kudos to you and your show, and may it prosper in the near and far future!

Stephane Wuttunee

Mel: Thank you Stephane. I really enjoyed it too!

Good day Mel,

I found you talk show through Black Vault radio. I found Black vault radio through the shows--mainly Paranormal Talk Radio--that I listen to. I have only listened to 2 of your shows in archives, the last two and I am so utterly impressed by the caliber of your guests, your impeccable interview style and how well put together your show is. You have such an obvious interest in what you guests are saying, there is no doubt that you have done your research and ask the right questions. I do listen to Coast to Coast as well as I say that your show is comparable to this. I am only stating this due to the fact that I have listened to many Paranormal shows on the topic of UFO's and other, and I find that even though the subject matter and information exchanged is valuable and interesting, a lot of these shows really lack the intensity and professionalism that I found your show brought to the listener.

I also love the music…and it was really funny because as I was listening, I was thinking to myself where does he get this amazing music and just then you said you download it off Please confirm as I would love to visit them and support them.

I just have to say that I am so happy to have found you and I plan to join your site and participate in chats and forums.

Does your show/you have a Myspace/facebook or Paltalk account?

Peace, Love and Light to you, from Canada,

Mel: Hello Linda and welcome! I am glad you found us at Black Vault Radio Network. John Greenewald does a superb job with his Web site and helping shows like this become better exposed. Thank you for the very kind words. You can go to our Music link (within Show Info) and you will be able to play and sponsor the artists we feature and their music. You can also click here. And about the social networks, I decided to just focus on one, in order to avoid redundancies. We have a Facebook page indeed. We had a MySpace account for a short time, but realized most people were at both places and I found myself saying the same at both. Facebook seems to be where most are gravitating to. I have also been considering Paltak, since I participated there before, although discussing topics unrelated to our show. I may try it in the near future, as I like to talk to all of you live. Thanks again!

I have listened to other interviews and I have to say that listening to your interviews is a real pleasure; you are very professional and you know when and what kind of questions to ask. You know how to "squeeze" the information out of your guests.


Mel: Thank you Burgundia.


Now that's an interview worth listening to [Grant Cameron].

Very fascinating and backed with reference to, names, dates, places, documents etc.

It was something I could get my teeth into.

Congratulations for a job well done!

Best regards,

Mel: Thank you Steve. If we are a truth show, we better have all our facts straight!

Greetings. I have felt compelled to write you since first learning about Veritas Radio through a link on the 22050hz website. I must say, having listened to several of your past shows along with your more recent interviews, I am duly impressed with the caliber, integrity, and quality of your guests, not to mention your own unique interviewing style which in my opinion, is of superb quality and extremely professional. Your questions are compelling, thought provoking, and intellectually stimulating. It is an absolute pleasure listening to you and I feel so fortunate for having stumbled upon your program. Having listened to several radio talk show programs on the net, dealing with the subject of ET phenomenon and related subjects, your program definitely ranks in my top all-time favourites! I look forward to your upcoming shows. Keep up the good work!!

M.C. P., CHt. Vancouver Island, Canada

Mel: Dear M.C., I am very humbled by your compliments. The privilege is all mine. Rest assured I am working very hard to continue earning your loyalty.

Dear Mel,

Thank you very much for your kind replies on the forum. My real name is Ioustini Z. I am Greek and live in Athens Greece. I run my own business as an IT consultant. I am reading many books, and do a lot of internet research regarding many controversial subjects nearly on a daily basis. I also other like-minded web sites. However, I am not part of any internet community and I rarely do I participate in forums. During my usual online research I found your web site and downloaded your interviews. You immediately captured my attention because of the quality of the programs. I appreciate the attention and respect you show to your guests. Also, your questions to them are more penetrating than any other radio host I have listened so far. I have absolutely enjoyed all of them and look forward to the coming shows.

I am very skeptical about a lot many things I read or listen. I am not a believer in anything but I have an open mind for everything. That is why I was attracted by your logo. I decided to share some of my thoughts to the forum because it is new, it has few members and last but not the least because I got good vibes from you and the rest of the people. I also like the blog and all the unique material you put on it. I have read it all and watched all the videos. The 5 Veritas videos you have on are absolutely amazing. I wish you could explain us one day what each and every photo is about. Very impressive stuff!!

Thank you very much for your great efforts to give people the best information free of the truth's protective layers. J

Warm Regards,
Iustina Z.
Athens, Greece

Mel: Dear Iustina. "Efharisto" [thank you] for your kind and candid words all the way from Greece. I appreciate that very much.

To Mel,

I found your site from 22050hz off the web. I have listened to all of your shows, and they are all amazing, which in essence is a reflection of you.

You are a true inspiration in this world of what seems to me to be the best time to be on planet earth. Truth seekers in my opinion will provide the 100th monkey scenario and you are a catalyst ‚Äď keep on keeping on.


James D.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Mel: Thank you kindly, James. Glad you found the show. I will keep on keeping on!

Hi Mel, I have just come across your exopolitics website and it looks very cool - I listened to your interview with Stanton Friedman and really enjoyed it - and will listen to more......Thanks for a really interesting looking website & radio show.

Thanks, Helen

Mel: Thanks Helen. Glad you found us.

Just listened to the Stone interview. I am so impressed by your interviewing skills! For such a short-lived radio show, your show has such a polished product, I am amazed how professional they are.

Thank you so much for this and the Lear interview. Very outstanding work! Way to Go!!


Mel: Thank you Argante. I appreciate the very kind and encouraging remarks.

Pat yourself on the back ‚Äď you deserve it!

You think well on your feet and always kept the guest from drying up. It is apparent too that you thoroughly research the guest and always have some surprise questions. I salute you for what you have taken on and how well you have done.

Plus you did show some empathy at one point in this show, not sure it has a place in every interview but nice one.

Until next time.

Best wishes,
Suzanne, U.K.

Mel: Thank you Susan. Sgt. Stone shared more information than we expected, and indeed, this show included some emotional moments.

Hallo Mr. Hostalrich. Best wishes from Hamburg, Germany. Hope one day to visit Roswell, great show, let's hope one day we will have the truth!!

All the best, Steve

Mel: Hallo Steve and danke schön! I certainly hope so too.

Hi Mel:

Let me congratulate you on a great show. I enjoyed every episode and told all my friends about it. You are conducting them very professionally and cool. Keep up the good work and best of luck.

P.S. We enjoy the music of your show also. Would you be able to list all the music(songs names) on each show and leave a link for the Garage Band to Veritas Radio web site so we can choose the ones that we like to download. We would really appreciate that.

Peace and Love


Mel: Thanks Hamid. Also, thanks for the recommendation. I will certainly start adding the song titles so you can download from Why didn't I think of that before?

Just like to say great show Mel. Found it courtesy of the website I thought the interview you did with Edgar Mitchell was extremely impressive and again full of eye opening and mind expanding information.

Keep up the great work. I look forward to the future shows!!

All the best, David from Scotland.

Mel: Thanks David. Dr. Mitchell was a true gentleman and I'm glad to have had the privilege of interviewing him.

Hi Mel, your interview with the good Sgt Stone, I have to say is probably your best to date.

Plus, as with all your shows ‚Äď it was a great show.

Peace and health


Mel: Thank you Anonymous. I really enjoyed chatting with Sgt. Stone. He shared LOTS of information, didn't he?

Hello Mr. Hostalrich. This is Yoshi from Japan. I just want to tell you my friends rotate and meet every Saturday to listen to your show. Yes, we all study English. We call it "Veritas Appreciation Night". Please continue searching for the truth. Thank you for making this great show.


Konnichiwa and arigato gozaimasu. (Hello and thank you very much.)

Mel: Wow!! Yoshi, all the way from Japan? I appreciate, not only that you speak English, but that you that you are listening with your group. Send my regards to all of your friends.

Konnichiwa and arigato gozaimasu.

(Hello and thank you very much.)

I was just surfing around and came upon your site, it looked very good, the format was very professional and I thought that I would look around, I sure am glad I did.

Hope you keep up the good work.

Dave Edmonton

Alberta, CANADA

Mel: Thanks Dave. Glad you found us.

Incredible interviews! I'm really glad to see something fresh. The show is completely stellar.

Mike B.

Mel: Thanks Mike.

Hi Mel

First of all the show is great. I've been following it since you posted the Stephen Bassett interview on ATS and in my opinion it stands above coast2coast. I guess it's a combination of the guests, un-censorship, your questions and of course the host. Keep it up.

For future guests I would like to suggest Clifford Stone. Yes I know he's a guest on c2c tomorrow night. Let's see how that goes, but a future appearance on Veritas it's a must. The reasons, well probably the only whistleblower to have had alien contact. But I am sure you know and you're already working on it.

And you're not related to Cesc Hostalrich of Arsenal? Are you?


Mel: Thanks Andrew. Those are very large shoes to fill. Nonetheless, that's a great compliment and I appreciate it. Coincidentally, yes, we are working hard on scheduling an interview with Clifford Stone. And about As as for Cesc Hostalrich being related? My father's family also originated in Catalunya. Very distant relative, but we are. Go Gunners!!

Great show Mel! Veritas Radio is definitely one of the best shows out there (if not THE best one). I really like how the whole show is so interactive.

Keep up the good work!


Mel: Thanks Patrick. That's a huge compliment and it means a lot to me!

Hi Mel, I just finished listening to your show with Ed Mitchell. I'm very impressed with your knowledge and interviewing skills.

Fondly, Dolores & Ted Robu

Tucson, Arizona

Mel: Thanks Dolores & Ted.

Hi Mel, I just wanted to mail you to say how much I am enjoying you show. I learned about it from the ATS website. I was born and live in the UK. I am also spreading the word about your show, and I just wanted to say Thank you. Please keep up the great work my friend.

Kind Regards and kudos to you,


Mel: Thanks Martyn. Hmm, ATS? Out of the blue, they banned me a few weeks ago when they found out I had a show, after years of being a member. Don't ask me why. Any ATS member may want to ask a MOD with the name of MIRTHFUL ME. The same happened to John Lear, who will be with me on the show in two weeks.

Dear Mr Hostalrich, just caught up with this weeks show and what an excellent show it was. Dr Mitchell is such a fascinating man I could have listened to him all night., ( that goes for all of your guests). All the shows have been a real treat and I have already got some of my friends to listen in. I can't wait until next Saturday.

All the best.


Mel: Thanks Quintin. Please call me Mel. Glad you enjoyed it! It's tough to raise expectations with every show, but our guests so far have been phenomenal.

About " When will the media learn? " Blog entry.

Are you surprised, seriously? We are a close 'covenant' talking and believing about this stuff. I am as disappointed by this than you but not at all surprised. The widespread media have a reputation to ...defend. But just wait when all can no longer be deny how those same media, the same interviewers will be the first to help the news spin around. Until then, welcome the ego and money.

Sadly, good people pay the price since Roswell and on.. ex-astronaut or not, shut up about UFO! (you know...)


Have a nice one Mel.

Mel: Thanks Alain. That's why I wanted to bring this to light. Not that we all didn't know, but just to put two video clips of two respected individuals who both worked for their respective governments, and still they are ridiculed by the mainstream media. If you have listened, you know we are changing that one person at a time.

Hi Mel I listened to your latest show with Dr Mitchell in the early hours of this morning - time really goes fast when you're engrossed!!! Excellent interview and what a truly interesting, deep and thoughtful man Edgar is - he has a good heart and soul for sure. I'm thrilled for you that you were able to achieve one of your dreams by getting to talk to an astronaut - that's one of my dreams too!! Still at least I know I am a friend of someone who knows one - that's you!! Once again thanks for a great show, looking forward to the next one. Warm Regards and have a Great Week. Geoff

Mel: Thanks Geoff. He is definitely very different that the other astronauts, isn't he? A scientist with very esoteric ideas. Like me, he doesn't just want to believe; he wants to know.

Mel, you are a fantastic and talented interviewer. This [Interview with Dr. Edgar Mitchell] came out perfect, I have no other words to describe it. I loved the " bonus" interviews, what a treat!!!!! And you can speak Italian too.....Great job


Mel: Thanks Claudia. Interviewing an astronaut who actually went to the Moon was a great experience for me. And yes, the bonus interviews were a great addition. I really appreciate their availability on such short notice. I don't speak Italian; I just pretended I did. Glad you enjoyed it!

Hello Mel,

Dan here. I would like to tell you that I felt you did an exceptional show with Stanton Friedman, very professional and informative for your listeners.

Thanks Mel :)

Dan Hearty
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Mel: Thanks Dan. I just asked the questions. Stanton Friedman was a pleasure to have as a guest and did not avoid/dodged any of the questions and answered all of them as technical and candidly as possible.


First off - excellent show! For only five episodes in, you are doing a helluva job. Thanks!

Anyhow, keep up the good work.

I'm pimping your show as much as I can. Keep pimping the show. I appreciate that.

Thanks~ RD Mel: Keep pimping the show for us, Rick, and thank you.

Dear Mr Hostalrich.

Have just listened to the show - truly excellent work - and you are right no stone was left unturned, congratulations!!

Your ability to make your guests relaxed and welcome is clearly paying great dividends - I'm confident it's entirely down to your style that Stan was so happy to stay the extra time.

By the way I have passed your site link on to several friends and we are all greatly looking forward to your Dr Mitchell interview.

Lastly I have a couple of ideas for possible future shows - do you think it would be possible to find a key interviewee from the Varginha incident (The Brazilian Roswell). I, and I'm sure many others would be fascinated to hear more about this topic, it really is an incredible story. Or, just as interesting, Martyn Stubbs on secret NASA transmissions. I hope these suggestions are practical and helpful.

Warm Regards and Here's to your long continued success!


Mel: Thanks Geoff! I am working on having A.J Gevaerd on the show to discuss the Varginha incident (I call it Brazil's Roswell) and will also get in touch with Martyn Stubbs to do a show on secret NASA transmissions.

Dear Mr. Hostalrich, I have really enjoyed listening to your show (I live in England and have to wait until Saturday for the latest program), it is already booked in as a regular part of my weekend. I settle down with a cup of tea away from the TV and chill out for an hour. I have enjoyed Mr. Friedman's work for a long time and appreciate this opportunity to ask him a direct question. Keep up the good work.

Best regards,
Quintin Morris

Mel: Thanks Quintin, and yes, keep the questions coming. Remember, I'm just a member of the audience asking the questions.


I just listened to your interview with Allan this evening...a topic I've been researching since the late 70s. I happened to meet Allan last week and am quite impressed with the technique he's developed to look these anomalies - a technique that was not available back in the day. Great Show!


Jim Safran Mel: Hello Jim. Allan definitely brought some interesting work and I'm sure it will make more people become lunar anomaly hunters.


Another excellent show today with Allan Sturm.

If you do manage to interview Dr. Mitchell please consider having him on the line with his fellow Apollo lunar module pilot Harrison Schmitt. There are very intriguing connections here with He-3 mining, fusion research and of course Allan Sturm's findings.

Thanking you again for your dedication In Veritas,

Per D

Mel: Hello Per D. He-3 is something I've always been interested in and will certainly ask Dr. Mitchell.

Hi Mel,

Your show with Dr. Turi was FANTASTIC !!!! Even my dog was glued to the computer speakers.

You are as great as George Noory if not better! Fantastic work!!!!

Bliss to YOU! Jana

Mel: Thank you, Jana. And say hello to your dog! Glad he's a fan too?

Mr. Mel,

Three thumbs up! Kudos, to you and your website team. I've spent the last two day listening to your first 3 shows and I'm excitedly waiting for the next broadcast. It is my privilege to become one of your new loyal listeners.

John - Tennessee

Mel: Thanks John. I'm working hard to earn your loyalty.

Mr. Hostalrich,

Stephane Wuttunee from Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed the show with Dr. Turi. Very passionate and articulate man. I particularly enjoyed his words on 2012, the coming in of Aquarius, and ETs. Great stuff and keep up the great work.


Mel: Thanks Stephane. Dr. Turi was definitely passionate!

This is what Dr. Turi said to one of his subscribers about our January 9, 2009 show:

"Trust me. I worked with thousands of hosts and Mel is HIGH class! Yes indeed a show once a in while (or yearly) is welcomed. I will write more about Mel and the show, as soon as I can thank him publicly.

Dr. Turi"

Mel: Thanks Dr. Turi for being with us on the first show of 2009.

This is a what one of our contributors said after an advanced preview of our interview with Dr. Turi:

"Honestly this was the best interview I have heard with you - Mel did a great job!"

"You both sounded relaxed and it was gripping - it was riveting to hear of your childhood, the ET experiences, the loss of your child.... it was an incredible interview ..."

"Dr Turi - you did a great job!"

"PS - I will promo the show with a dozen journalists and contacts world wide - I think they will be impressed with both you and Mel !!" Mel: Thank you!

Hi Mel,

Your web site is very well presented and looks very professional which is a rarity for similar sites throughout the web. Not only is the site well presented but so is that of the content and the interviews. After listening to the recent interview with Stephen Bassett, I will eagerly be awaiting for new interviews and will definitely be checking your site regularly for updates. The upcoming guest list certainly looks impressive and I encourage you to continue with endeavour, to provide continued great work in 2009 and beyond!

All the best,


Mel: Thanks Ben. We're just starting!

It was my pleasure, Mel.

You really know your stuff and clearly invested much time in formulating your questions. One of the best interviews I've had. Worthy of prime time. Let's do it again.

Thanks, Steve Bassett

Mel: Thanks Steve! It was an honor having someone who works so hard toward to achieve Disclosure. We will work hard to help you!

Hello Mel,

I admire your efforts and courage through Veritas. I especially appreciate your straight-forward and egoless interview and questioning style. Also appreciated is your lack of interruptions and giving your interviewees an opportunity to pursue their own tangents.

Thank you again for your efforts and continuing efforts to end the Veritas Embargo.

Per D.

Mel: Thanks Per D. Without our guests we have no show. Guests, no matter how "high profile" they are, they are people. I treat people the way THEY want to be treated, not the way I want to be treated.

I found the interview to be very well structured. Talked very seriously about something that is taboo in our society. Thinking differently than everybody else. Thinking out of the box.

Of course some of the answers in the interview are speculative but the conclusions are very rational. Seems the interviewer is quite knowledgeable as well and he brings out a lot of the questions people here refer to. I for one liked it and consider this as being one of those very good radio moments.

Takes guts to have something like that done. And I will be listening.

K.P.X. from Quebec

Mel: Thanks K.P.X. Seek and you shall find. Glad you're tuning in.

Dear Mel,

I'm not normally one for emailing websites but after listening to your interviews I felt I must congratulate you on your extreme professionalism - simply wonderful!!!!! I cannot wait to hear your next item with Dr Mitchell. I'm sure word will spread about your efforts and I suspect all the key figures in this field will be queuing up to be interviewed by such a high calibre interviewer as yourself. Please accept my sincere thanks for all your hard work.

Very Warm Regards and I wish you and your family a Wonderful Christmas Holiday.

Geoff, United Kingdom

Mel: Thanks Geoff. I'm privileged to know you don't normally write and I'm glad you did.

Hi Mel,

I've always had an interest in UFO's as far back as I can remember, always asking "How can we be the only sentient beings in this grand universe?"

I used to use the internet mainly to download music and play internet games. Then one day I stumbled across a ufo video on youtube and I have been hooked ever since trying to get to the truth. I know my friends look at me strangely and all I tell them is "Do the research and you'll see what's really going on."

Trust me when I say that you are such a refreshing change from the other interviewers on the web and radio. You ask very informative questions, but more importantly you let your guests talk by telling their story without the constant interruptions- which by the way is very common amongst interviewers. I know I'll keep tuning in each week to hear you and your guests.

There is a wave of change and awakening going on and you my friend are helping in this process. Keep up the great work!!!! From a very chilly Toronto Canada,


Mel: Thanks Danny. Glad you are listening. Stay warm.

Dear Mel--I have just this afternoon discovered your show and just a few minutes ago finished listening to you Bassett interview. My great congratulations to you my friend, I have only been made aware of how deep and intricate the et phenomenon and Disclosure is,,,just this last fall.

You have (however how little?) my support and I plan to listen to your show as often as possible...great success to you my friend.

I hope that sooner rather than later, instead of the terrible 'dumbing down' that has taken place, you, I can help be on the cutting edge of 'honing-up the minds' of the Western World...for the Veritas to easily makes its way for all mankind.


Mel: Thanks Michael. I'm trying to wake one person at a time.


Just a quick note about your site. Excellent. I like the tone and approach very much. I hope you can keep adding content.

Whatever the case, I wanted to quickly drop you this note to say I like what I am seeing and hearing and willing let you know if I think I have something to contribute.


Mel: Thanks Jim. We're just starting and things will continue to change.

I loved what you said about if disclosure is true, then that knowledge would release new cures, new technology, new sources of energy, and it would make a difference to my neighboring countries. Famine would probably be a thing of the past.

Thank you for bringing this to light.


Mel: Thanks Sadao. Your listening all the way from Africa proves that the internet can reach anyone and maybe, just maybe, we don't have to depend on radio as much as we thought. Gadda ge (thank you).

Great site and shows hope you have great success.


Australia Mel: Thanks Pete!

Great job on the website! Downloading the show now and can't wait to listen. keep up the good work!~tammy

Mel: Thanks Tammy!

Hi my name is Paris and first time listener to Veritas Radio. I just want to say thank you for being one of the few people to help expose the truth online. Keep the truth coming because during these dark times it's all some of us have to hold on to in this broken world.



Mel: Thanks Paris!

Thank you for sharing. Well worth the download. Excellent show.

It is my belief that we have had an "alien presence" on this planet for a very long time and that all "Disclosure" information will be fed to the general public when it suits those who are really running the show.


Mel: Thanks Anonymous. Isn't it selfish to look up or just look to the background image on this page and truly say that we are alone?

 Thank you for this quality program! Great job. Stephen Bassett is very knowledgeable and educated on the subject. This is very exciting. I hope he's right on.

I have often quietly wondered if Obama would be "the disclosure president". Seems there's no reason to be quiet about it anymore.


Mel: Thanks Anonymous. Stephen Bassett was indeed a great guest.


My hats off to you for a fine show and very nice website. I'm a fan now


Mel: Thanks Tricky!

What an informational interview. Stephen Bassett is the man and your questions were right on. Thanks for sharing this!

The Pitchman

Mel: Thanks



Just wanted to say this was a great interview thx for doing it. I've always enjoyed listening to Stephen Bassett talk about this subject.


Mel: Thanks Anonymous!

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