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Welcome! My name is Mel Hostalrich, and I am the host and executive producer of Veritas. I am also a parapolitical and geopolitical analyst/researcher. Thank you for visiting our site. As a truth seeker, it is important to me that our listeners and readers understand the goals of Veritas. If you are new to our site, I recommend listening to our first interview or reading this summary to learn more about our mission. At Veritas, we are committed to discovering the truth and understanding reality as accurately as possible. This involves questioning and researching to uncover facts, as well as being open to new ideas and perspectives. It also involves constantly challenging our own beliefs and striving to gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Veritas was founded in 2008 and has since become a popular source of alternative news and current events, with a wide reach both nationally and internationally. Mel Hostalrich is an Arizona-based radio host, producer, and independent journalist, and entrepreneur. He is the founder, executive producer, and host of Veritas, and is well-known for his focus on conspiracy theories, UFO sightings, and other alternative news topics. He has interviewed many high-profile guests.

Mel is an outspoken advocate for the truth and holds the belief that the media should be held to a higher standard. He is a vocal critic of mainstream media outlets and has called out their biased reporting and sensationalism. Mel believes that the media should be a source of unbiased information and has spoken out against censorship and fake news. Veritas is committed to providing its listeners with accurate and timely news and has become a reliable source of information for many.

Mel has been praised for his unbiased reporting, and Veritas has become a trusted source of news for many of his listeners. Veritas is dedicated to providing an alternative to mainstream media and has become a popular destination for those seeking a different perspective on current events. Mel is passionate about his mission to spread the truth, and his dedication to providing an unbiased source of news is evident in the content that is broadcast on his platform. He is a true champion of free speech and has become an admired figure in the world of alternative media. Veritas is an informative and entertaining show that is sure to captivate any listener's interest.

Below is the VERITAS Mission Statement:

Veritas strives to provide an intellectual platform for the exchange of ideas, theories, and concepts in the fields of alternative science, conspiracies, government cover-ups, ancient civilizations and mysteries, to UFOs and extraterrestrial life, to alternative health and personal development, to spiritual and metaphysical, and paranormal phenomena. Our goal is to inspire critical thinking and provide evidence-based insight into the mysteries of our world. We seek to spread knowledge, understanding, and enlightenment in order to make our world a better place. We are dedicated to the exploration of truth and reality.

Veritas features interviews with experts, researchers, and authors who explore the hidden and often forgotten mysteries of the world. Veritas also offers commentary and analysis of current events, and interviews with those who are on the cutting edge of the truth seeking journey. Every week, Veritas brings you the latest news and information to help you on your path to uncovering the truth.

Below are the 10 pillars I have developed through the years in order assist us in our truth-seeking journey:

10 Pillars of a Truth Seeker

1. Question everything and don't accept anything at face value.

2. Pursue knowledge and understanding without bias and stay curious.

3. Don't be swayed by popular opinion or groupthink.

4. Maintain Integrity: Take responsibility for your actions and be honest about your findings.

5. Seek and appreciate different perspectives, even if they differ from your own, to broaden your understanding.

5. Follow the evidence wherever it leads.

6. Remain humble and open-minded: Be willing to change your conclusion if presented with new evidence.

7. Listen to opposing views and consider different perspectives, interpretations and opinions.

8. Don't be afraid to question authority and challenge the status quo.

9. Apply critical thinking and discernment. Separate facts from fiction and challenge your own beliefs.

10. Remain committed to your truth seeking journey, follow your intuition and trust your gut to help you recognize your own biases and assumptions.





Mel Hostalrich [HAHS-tel-rik] is of Spanish Catalan (paternal) and Spanish Asturian (maternal) descent. His family originally relocated from Spain to Cuba. After Cuba fell to communism, Mel's parents escaped and made their way to the U.S. to pursue the life and liberty they left behind. Mel grew up in Puerto Rico and lived throughout the United States, Latin America, and Asia. From a very young age, Mel had an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and an overdeveloped sense of wonder. He lives by the following mottos: "I would rather have a mind open by wonder than one closed by belief"; "Be skeptical, but don't close your mind"; and "I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned."

Mel has a bachelor's degree in finance (BBA) and a master's degree in international business administration (MBA) from the University of Texas. At the age of 20, while working for a Fortune 500 company in the financial services industry, Mel became the youngest financial analyst in the organization where he served from 1987 to 1999. Prior to his corporate career Mel worked in television as a child actor, retail, banking, and even with McDonnell Douglas.

During one of his corporate assignments, while living in Mexico City (92/93), Mel met a woman who foretold his future with incredible accuracy. Mel actually hired her as a member of his team. At the time, being an open-minded skeptic, Mel dismissed the information. But as time went by, and each prediction materialized, Mel could no longer ignore the information. In 1999 Mel left corporate America and became an entrepreneur in the hospitality, wholesale, and real estate industries; and most recently, - by accident, and without any formal training or education - he is now involved in media broadcasting and journalism. Among all the predictions shared with Mel in Mexico, the last prediction stated: "One day you will inform the world."

In late November 2008 Mel's life would never be the same. Mel had a vivid dream in which he saw the words "Take Action" repeatedly throughout the dream. Mel was compelled to turn on the television that morning - even though he hardly watches the subliminal tube (TV), and especially, the mainstream media[opoly]. Every news outlet was reporting that the British Ministry of Defense, after 50 years of secrecy, had declassified information about an Air Force pilot with the name of Milton Torres who was stationed in England in 1957. One night, Torres and his wingman were ordered to scramble their jets and shoot down an unidentified flying object (UFO) the size of an aircraft carrier. Mel continued switching channels and was surprised to see that every news outlet had Torres on. It was as if the international media descended upon Torres but no one allowed him the time to elaborate on his fascinating and very important firsthand testimony.

All of a sudden, the dream made sense to Mel. "Take Action" meant that Mel needed to interview Torres. Mel found Torres' telephone number, but before proceeding to make contact, he knew he had to represent a media outlet. Mel turned to his wife for her creative assistance. He asked her for a radio show name that would encompass the topics of UFOs, the paranormal, parapolitics (conspiracies), etc., to which Mel's wife uttered the word "VERITAS." Mel proceeded to speak with Milton Torres on behalf of "The Veritas Show" and arranged an "interview." After Mel recorded the interview, he made it available on Friday, December 5, 2008 at a number of alternative news internet forums. To his surprise, thousands of people around the world listened to what seemed to be a radio program, when in reality it was supposed to be a souvenir telephone call for Mel. People kept writing to Mel asking when the next "show" was going to air. That's when "Take Action" took a new and deeper meaning. The Veritas Show was born.

Mel has appeared on History Channel's Brad Meltzer's Decoded, several domestic and international radio shows, and has served as master of ceremonies and moderator at a number of related events. VERITAS' main purpose is to probe the depths of the hidden and obscured issues that affect the very core of humanity today, and to find the answers to the primordial questions: Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here?

Mel's ultimate goal is to help humanity transcend from a state of ignorance and darkness to one of truth and enlightenment.



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