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January 16, 2009

Allan Sturm

ULOs: Unidentified Lunar Objects in NASA Photography

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Allan Sturm discussed his research and shared his image analysis with the audience about ULOs (Unidentified Lunar Objects in NASA Photography). Allan spent years analyzing NASA images and he has come to the conclusion that these anomalies need to be further investigated.

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Allan Sturm has been a graphic designer for 16 years and had originally intended to create a coffee table book of cool photos taken during the Apollo missions. He was going to focus on the images that were rarely seen, so astronaut waving at the flag was out, stain damaged and poorly exposed images that he could bring back to life were in. It is when he was adjusting the photographs for print that he started noticing highly geometric shapes that stood out from the lunar geology. He has has found, literally, hundreds of ULOs with some appearing as towers or spires, domes near terraced vertical walls, stacked geometry with spheres sitting on top, pathways leading to and from objects, clusters of objects resembling industrial operations, highlights forming geometric patterns, pipes and pipe grids intertwined or wrapping over each other, wheel shaped objects with support arms, and ziggurat looking structures with annexes, just to name a few.

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ULOs: Unidentified Lunar Objects in NASA Photography

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