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February 27, 2009

Jim Sparks

The Keepers

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Jim Sparks discussed his eighteen years as an alien abductee. Sparks, whose conscious recall experiences are documented in his book, The Keepers, explained that he initially resisted being abducted, but gradually shifted into a mode of cooperation.

His main encounters, telepathic in nature, were with two types of Grays; one type he referred to as "true" Grays that were biological beings. The other type of Gray, a shorter entity known as a "worker," was half-robotic, he said. Interestingly, Sparks claimed that the aliens' harvesting of human reproductive material is used to make the worker Grays. The large eyes of the Grays are capable of absorbing energy, not unlike solar panels, he added. One of the key messages they shared with him: humanity is killing the Earth via environmental damage.

On one occasion, Sparks said he was allowed to view a stunning alien craft that he described as the size of four big houses. Inside a windowed dome he saw humans and ETs moving about. He reported seeing US military personnel aboard a spacecraft, and believes that secretive black budget elements of the government have cut deals with the aliens. Sparks said he's also had encounters with "Reptilians," some of whom are 9-10 ft. tall, with red pupils and a oversized brain, housed in a skull that hangs out over their eyes.

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Jim Sparks lives in the Nevada desert. Born in 1954, he spent his early years in Florida. Sparks studied real estate and began working for a major condominium firm who eventually moved him to Houston in 1979. After twelve years he started J & J Properties, a natural land development company, which mostly operated in North Carolina. Sparks was now able to use his own philosophy and forbade removing more trees than necessary on each lot. At 34 years old, Sparks was happily married and financially successful, when his experiences with other worldly beings started. Life as he knew it began to unravel with these unexplained incidents. Now, eighteen years later, Sparks has moved from resister to cooperator and is sharing his experiences with others. A conservationist at heart, Sparks encourages others to support the work being done by the Nature Conservancy to help save critical acreage in the Atlantic Forest region of South America. Jim has had experiences with non-human intelligent beings since 1988. Initially an unwilling abductee, once he was able to put aside his rage, overcome his fear and accept that he was encountering some sort of technologically advanced beings from which he could not escape, his experiences transformed. Jim has approximately 90 percent conscious awareness of his experiences, giving him clear memories of amazing technology that includes time travel, invisibility, multidimensional aspects of reality, and manipulation of gravity and electro-magnetic fields, as well as information as to why these visitors are here and making their presence known to ordinary people. After a mass abduction in 1996, everything changed for Jim and he was initiated in to the role of participant, rather than abductee. The son of hard working, Italian-American parents, Jim was raised in Florida where his childhood memories were of a vast unknown filled with strange and interesting creatures, the Everglades. He graduated high school in South Florida, and studied business and real estate at community colleges in both Miami and Houston. Although his abduction experiences began in while in Texas1988 he would travel to North Carolina as a successful land developer.

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