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July 31, 2009

Bernard Thouanel

The Cometa Report

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Bernard Thouanel discussed the Cometa Report and shared some of his best interviews with government and military personnel. His conclusion states that governments are not interested in the UFO/extraterrestrial explanation; they are interested in their application to gain an edge.

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Bernard Thouanel was born in France in 1958. During the summer of 1998, Fran?ois Siegel and Bernard Thouanel were brought into contact with a member of the COMETA group, an advisor and consultant with the French Ministry of Research (Gilbert Payan) and who had incidently written two articles in the magazine. Gilbert Payan unveiled the existence of a report prepared by a special working group attached to THE (Institute of High Studies for the National Defense) including Top Brass members and high rank military officers... After analyzing some excerpts from the preliminary report. Bernard Thouanel convinced his publisher F. Siegel to reproduce parts of this outstanding white paper document given to the French President Jacques Chirac and the Prime Minister Lionel Jospin. Finally, after a long brainstorming, the COMETA group accepted the publication offer and proposed to publish the full report in the form of a magazine. It was sold out after 50 000 copies distributed in July 1999, within days in bookstores. From the year 2002, B. Thouanel moved and settled for good in Los Angeles (California), since he is working presently as a free lance journalist and photographer in aviation, defense, high tech and also science fiction. Bernard is the author of the three successful books only published in France : -"Adventures in the Sky" 35 amazing stories (Altipresse 2000 Publisher) 350 pages illustrated in B/W -"Unidentified Flying Objects" (Michel Lafon 2003 Publisher) 354 pages fully illustrated in B/W -100 Years of Aviation (Michel Lafon 2003 Publisher) 228 pages, fully illustrated in color. He is a journalist and photographer.

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