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November 4, 2010

Adrian Salbuchi

The Zionist Takeover of Patagonia

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This a Veritas Special Report. One segment only.

Adrian Salbuchi talked about the Zionist plot to take over Patagonia. A large group of very powerful people have been purchasing large portions of land in the Southern Hemisphere for many years. We discussed the possibilities and reasons for these major acquisitions. We also discussed geopolitics, the economy, and future projections. This is a short interview. A preview of an upcoming show. Stay tuned for more.

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Adrian Salbuchi is a researcher, author, lecturer, and international business consultant, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Adrian specializes in the analysis of power structures, political, economic and financial globalization. He is the host of the Buenos Aires, Argentina talk-show "El Traductor Radial" and founder of the Argentine Second Republic Movement. He is the author of many books on geopolitics, international and other topics, and include: "The World's Mastermind: the Hidden Face of Globalization") and Welcome to the Jungle: Domain and Survival in the New World Order.

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Welcome to the Jungle: Domain and Survival in the New World Order

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