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July 9, 2015

Stephen Mehler & Brien Foerster

New Ancient Egypt Discoveries

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When we think of Egypt, we think of an era a few thousand years ago. Could the timeframe be incorrect? We have also heard of a global cataclysm that changed everything 12,000 years ago. Could the pyramids and other Egyptian monuments have been created by the Dynastic Egyptians? What about Baalbek in the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon. There is a cut stone there weighing 1,000 tons; the equivalent of 13 Boeing 747s. How were they moved? Tonight we have two modern day Indiana Jones with us. It's great to know there are people in this world who are not satisfied with what has been written in our history books and they take the proverbial bull by the horns and conduct their own research. Their fascination with ancient history and with trying to decode what the ancient civilizations left behind is what drives them.

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Stephen Mehler was born and raised in New York City, USA His early education focused on the sciences and he received a B.A. in Physiology and Anatomy, with a minor in Chemistry, from Hunter College of the City University of New York in 1967. After a four year hiatus in the U.S. Air Force, during the Vietnam War, Stephen came to California and resumed academic work. He earned an M.A. in Natural Sciences from San Jose State University, specializing in Human Ecology. Discovering a love for prehistory, Stephen worked on an archaeological excavation in France in 1974 with Professor Francois Bordes of the University of Bordeaux, then Director of Antiquities for southwestern France. Returning to San Jose State University, Stephen earned a second M.A. in Social Sciences, specializing in Prehistory and Ancient History in 1978.

Since 1968, Stephen has intently researched material about ancient Egypt, particularly the era known as the Amarna Period and the King Akhenaten. Becoming involved with the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC in 1977, exposed Stephen to the esoteric teachings about Egyptian Mystery Schools. It was at this time Stephen discovered the writings of the French hermeticist and alchemist, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, founder of the Symbolist School of Egyptology. Stephen also cites the writings of John Anthony West, Murry Hope and Bika Reed as major influences in his pursuit into Egyptology. Presently, Stephen specializes in synthesizing the theories of academic Egyptology with the arcane wisdom tradition known as the Sacred Science of ancient Egypt.

While working as a Staff Research Scientist for the Rosicrucian Order, Stephen experienced and researched with what has become known as the Mayan Crystal Skull. Stephen has since worked with three other ancient crystal skulls: the Amethyst Crystal Skull, the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and the Texas Crystal Skull. Stephen has been interviewed on radio and television concerning his crystal skull research and is featured in the book, Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed (Bowen, Nocerino & Shapiro, J&S Aquarian Networking, 1988). Research into crystal skulls is ongoing.

In 1992, Stephen met Egyptian-born Egyptologist and Indigenous Wisdom Keeper, Abd`El Hakim Awyan. It is Hakim`s teachings about the ancient Khemitian civilization, well over 10,000 years old, that now forms the framework for Stephen`s current research. Having done field work with Hakim in 1997, 1998, and 1999 in Egypt, Stephen has written a book, THE LAND OF OSIRIS: An Introduction to Khemitology, redefining the field as Khemitology, not Egyptology. This book also supports the work of Christopher Dunn, author of THE GIZA POWER PLANT. Stephen`s research supports Dunn`s conclusions that the Great Pyramid was never intended to be a tomb for a king, but a machine to transform, generate and transmit energy. Stephen is currently Director of Research of The Land of Osiris Research Project and The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association has been interviewed on the radio by Laura Lee, Jeff Rense and the Art Bell show.

Since 1988, Stephen has also been active in the field of Astrology, and has done private natal and progressed chart readings. He cites Barbara Hand Clow as a major influence in this area as well as his beloved teacher, Guy Dickinson.

Stephen has also maintained an active interest in the study of UFO/Extraterrestrial phenomenon for over thirty years. Both as a researcher and experiencer, this interest is presently a part of Stephen`s research into previous prehistoric civilizations. Stephen cites the works of Max Flindt and Otto Binder, Immanuel Velikovsky, Erich Van Danikan, Zecharia Sitchin and Dr. Arthur Horn as major influences in the possible connection with ancient human civilizations and extraterrestrial contacts. This research is presently ongoing.

A popular lecturer and teacher, Stephen has had articles published in The Rosicrucian Digest, World Explorer magazine, and Atlantis Rising magazine. Stephen currently resides in Colorado.


Brien Foerster was born in Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.A. but grew up on the west coast of Canada. At age 11, he became fascinated with the Native art of the Haida native people, and began carving totem poles, and other related art forms, learning from Native teachers. After completing an Honours Bachelor Of Science degree, Brien decided to take up carving and sculpture full time, at the age of 25. This included the creation of 13 full size totem poles, dugout canoes, masks, bowls, boxes and other Native style works. In 1995 he moved to Maui, Hawaii, and was hired as assistant project manager for the building of the 62 foot double hull sailing canoe ( ancestor of the modern day catamaran ) Mo`okiha O Pi`ilani ( Sacred Lizard That Pierces The Heavens. ) This project lasted 2 years. There, having learned how to make Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddles from master carver Keola Sequiera, he started an online outrigger paddle business, which flourished internationally.

Peru became his next major area of interest. The study of the Inca culture led to his writing a book, A Brief History Of The Incas, which is available on his website, As of January 2013 he has written a total of 12 books.

He also writes articles for Graham Hancock, and is associated with Lloyd Pye of the Starchild project, who is analyzing the DNA of elongated human skulls of the Peruvian Paracas culture on his behalf. The preliminary results of this have been included in the recently published book that Brien co-authored with David Hatcher Childress, The Enigma Of Cranial Deformation: Elongated Skulls Of The Ancients. It is available through Adventures Unlimited Press.

He counts amongst his colleagues Stephen Mehler, author, archaeologist, ancient Egypt oral tradition specialist and expert on crystal skulls, Christopher Dunn, engineer and author of The Giza Power Plant, Dr. Robert Schoch, geologist and expert of ancient Egypt, Hugh Newman of Megalithomania, who he co-sponsors tours with, and many other well known "alternative"authors and researchers.

Brien has been on 9 episodes of Ancient Aliens, numerous radio interviews, will be featured on a new US series called Unsealed, as well as the forthcoming The Watchers, episode 6.

He has become an authority on the megalithic works of South America and the perplexing ancient Elongated Headed people of the area, and divides his time between Paracas Peru, and Cusco.

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