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March 28, 2019

Lawrence Spencer

The Roswell UFO, Nurse Matilda, The UFO Pilot, &

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This is an exclusive new interview where we discuss recent research that expands upon information provided by US Army Air Force Nurse Matilda MacElory with Lawrence R. Spencer, editor of the book Alien Interview.

What evidence has been discovered that verifies or clarifies information revealed by the pilot of the 1947 Rowell UFO? We discuss recent research by former VERITAS guests, including Brien Foerster, Christopher Dunn, Michael Tellinger, the late Anthony West, Michael Cremo, Eric Von Daniken and others.

What are "The Domain" and the "Old Empire"? Why is a serpent the symbol of power on Earth? If a "false facade" of pyramids and megalithic stone civilizations were built using advanced technology, where are the tools used to build them? Is Earth being used as a "prison" by alien beings from other star systems?

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Lawrence R. Spencer is the author of 8 books. His books explore facts and fantasies of universes, both physical and spiritual, including western history, art, mythology, personal spiritual immortality, logic and science fiction.

Mr. Spencer also has a special interest and expertise in the books of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to whom the book `SHERLOCK HOLMES: MY LIFE` is a tribute.

As an accomplished oil painter himself, Mr. Spencer has made a ground breaking study of the life and paintings of the Dutch master Johannes Vermeer, about which the book `VERMEER: PORTRAITS OF A LIFETIME` is written.

Mr. Spencer is also the Editor of the book ALIEN INTERVIEW, including transcripts, letters and personal notes provided by the late Army Air Force Nurse Matilda MacElroy concerning the Roswell UFO crash in 1947.

Mr. Spencer is a business consultant and multimedia producer. His Internet Blog contains personal commentary, literature and poetry about "LIFE, UNIVERSES and Other Stuff".

The "author" of `ALIEN INTERVIEW] is the Roswell US Army Air Force Nurse, Matilda MacElroy. Lawrence R. Spencer organized and edited the material I received from her into a publishable format, and added footnotes for clarification and edification of the letters, notes and military interview transcripts she mailed to me shortly before her death.

Updated biography from Lawrence Spencer: Before my retirement I earned my living in California as a forest fire-fighter, hospital janitor. After college I was a retail shop manager (in Waikiki), then as a salesperson, semi-truck owner/operator, computer software developer, corporate executive in finance and advertising, and for many years as a consultant to chiropractors and other natural health care professionals and for small business owners including more than 60 business types. All the while I enjoyed my interests as an oil painter, tennis player, and later as a researcher/author/publisher. I raised 4 children and have 4 grandchildren. I spent the last several years being a full-time care-giver in my home to my 94 year old mother who suffers from dementia, who is now in a private hospice care facility. My wife and I moved from California to a "Sun City" retirement community in Texas 6 months ago.

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