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July 25, 2019

Jim Penniston & Gary Osborn

The Rendlesham Enigma

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The Rendlesham Forest incident is the most intriguing and best-documented UFO case in the world and is 2nd only to Roswell NM in terms of name recognition; however, in truth it is a far more significant event than Roswell. There is scarcely no other UFO case anywhere in the world which can boast such a large number of apparently highly credible witnesses on two separate nights, or such a wide variety of supporting evidence that includes physical traces and confirmation by two Air forces, the USAF and the RAF, an official memo confirming the events written by a high-ranking USAF officer, a real-time tape recording made during the second night of the sighting by the same USAF officer and many more. Tonight's discussion includes witness, experiencer and "first responder" and ultimately investigator, who will share his experiences about the investigation of a craft-of-unknown-origin, located just outside RAF Woodbridge, England in December of 1980 where his team was the "First Responders" in the investigation of the craft. This case became to be known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident and is the most documented account in military history. We'll also discuss findings associated with the seven sets of coordinates deciphered from the pages of the Binary Code that Jim Penniston claims he received during the Rendlesham incident.

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Jim Penniston, USAF Security Forces/Retired. He entered the Air Force in 1973 and served over twenty years active duty in the US Air Force. He was assigned to the Strategic Air Command Elite Guard in Omaha Nebraska, providing security for General Officers, Congressmen, Foreign Heads of States, and the President and members of his Cabinet. Penniston held key assignments throughout the world. Including service in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He wrote defense, security, counter-terrorism, and contingency plans for the USAF and NATO. Additionally, he provided security support for Air Force One, and other classified aircraft weapon systems. Penniston held for the majority of his twenty year career, a U.S. TOP SECRET/BI/SCI and a NATO TOP SECRET COSMIC/ATOMAL security clearance. Sergeant Penniston and his team were "First Responders" to a security investigation of a craft-of-unknown-origin, located just outside RAF Woodbridge, England. In December 1980 that case, is known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident, and is the most documented account in military history. Jim is a frequent lecturer and presenter at numerous MUFON and other related events and conferences of similar subject matter. A speaker at two National Press Club events; His first responder"s account of the Rendlesham Forest Incident has been featured worldwide on numerous television and radio programs. In addition, Penniston has been a contributor to other books concerning this phenomenon.

Gary Osborn was born in Camberwell, London. Brought up in Peckham, London, Gary attended Peckham Park Primary and then William Penn Grammar in Dulwich, London. Gary has been a writer on mysticism and esoteric traditions for almost twenty years. He has written and co-written various articles covering subjects related to Ancient Mysteries: Esoteric traditions, Alchemy, Mysticism, Ancient Shamanism and the nature of reality and human consciousness. Gary is considered an author in the so-called "alternative history genre" and best known for his "Neutral Point Theory" of consciousness associated with the balance of opposites, the esoteric "Law of Three" and the "Third Force." Gary is also the first person in recent times to bring attention to the encoded 23.5-degree Earth"s axis angle, which he has found in paintings and many other sources throughout history, and also within the Great Pyramid of Giza. Between 1999 and 2002 Gary was involved in various projects related to some respected members of the Esalen Physics of Consciousness Group - having been a daily contributor to a forum which included theoretical physicists, Jack Sarfatti and Hal Puthoff, astronaut Edgar Mitchell, author Colin Wilson and psychic Uri Geller.

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