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October 10, 2019

Laird Scranton

Seeking the Primordial: Exploring Root Concepts of Cosmological Creation

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Einstein believed that matter must arise from a simple set of physical dynamics. So did many of the classic ancient creation traditions, such as the Buddhist and Hindu traditions in India, the Kabbalist tradition of Judaism, and the Dogon and Egyptian creation traditions of Africa. Priests of the modern-day Dogon tribe of Mali point to a set of primordial processes of matter that go well beyond what modern popularizers of physics typically discuss. Techniques of comparative cosmology help us to align those processes with likely scientific counterparts, based on a consensus of ancient views. What's revealed are new and compelling perspectives on how our universe is said to interact with a non-material twin universe, how the dimensions of time and space are understood to emerge from non-materiality, and how these seemingly scientific archaic concepts formed an enduring foundation for ancient and modern religion.

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Laird Scranton is the author of a series of books and other writings on ancient cosmology and language. These include articles published in the University of Chicago`s Anthropology News academic journal, Temple University`s Encyclopedia of African Religion and the Encyclopedia Britainnica. He is featured in John Anthony West`s Magical Egypt documentary series and in Carmen Boulter`s documentary The Pyramid Code. He is a frequent guest on a wide range of radio and podcast interview shows including Red Ice Radio in Europe, Art Bell`s Desert at Midnight, and Coast-to-Coast Radio with George Noory. He is also a frequent presenter at conferences whose focus is on ancient knowledge. These include Walter Cruttenden`s Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK), the A.R.E.`s Ancient Mysteries Conference, Scotty Roberts and John Ward`s Paradigm Symposium, the Fringe New Jersey Conference, and James Swager`s Megalithic Odyssey Symposium, in Marlborough, England. His books include: The Science of the Dogon (2006) (Republished edition of Hidden Meanings (2003)) Sacred Symbols of the Dogon (2007) The Cosmological Origins of Myth and Symbol (2010) The Velikovsky Heresies (2012) China`s Cosmological Prehistory (2014) Point of Origin(2015) The Mystery of Skara Brae (2016) Decoding Maori Cosmology (due May 2019) His work is also featured in two books called Forbidden Science (2008) and Lost Secrets of the Gods (2014). He helped co-author Ed Nightingale`s book The Giza Template (2014).

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Seeking the Primordial: Exploring Root Concepts of Cosmological Creation

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