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August 27, 2020

Ben Davidson

Space Weather News, The Carrington Event, & The Coming Ice Age

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In this interview, with Ben Davidson, the founder of The Mobile Observatory Project and creator of the Suspiciosu0bservers YouTube channel, he talks about his experiences with censorship and how it affects him. He discusses his daily output of material and what keeps him going. The interview was recorded on August 19th, and they mention a weak solar flare that erupted on August 16th and its potential impact on Earth. The host of the show mentions not believing in man-made climate change and questions if there is an impending extinction-level event. The host also mentions the recent study about Greenland's melting ice sheet passing the point of no return. Ben Davidson provides his expertise on solar radiance and climatology.

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Founder of The Mobile Observatory Project, creator of the Suspiciosu0bservers YouTube channel providing daily solar/space weather updates since 2011 with over 113m views.

Runs, creator of The Disaster Prediction App.

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Space Weather, Pole Shift, Solar Minimum, & The #1 Risk to Earth

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