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October 6, 2022

Den Poitras

Parthenogenesis: The Science of Virgin Births

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It is said that Buddha's mother conceived her son while in a state of blissful meditation under a banyan tree. Mary conceived Jesus in more or less the same way. It's also been said that Zoroaster, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mary and Hanna, Mary's mother, and Moses (floating down a river in a basket?) plus Athena and Athena's mother, Plato, Alexander the Great, Horus and scores more geniuses, visionaries, leaders and healers throughout history are claimed to have come about this way. If many of the lower species can and do conceive parthenogenetically, I don't think it's too absurd or irrational to assume that humans can too. There are more questions than answers regarding this. Den Poitras has spent over 50 years searching, researching and contemplating. It thoroughly explores this "subject of subjects" through science, mythology, archaeology, religion, indigenous people and yes, personal testimonies.

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From Dean Poitras:

Born near Boston in 1950 to loving parents, I was compelled when very young, toward trying to understand the great mysteries of life and death. Freedom from my Catholic upbringing came after reading `The Tibetan Book of the Dead`, by Dr. Evans-Wentz, when I was 15 years old. Meanwhile, learning and doing art kept me going through the Dark Age educational system of the 1950`s and `60`s. After high school, from which I barely graduated in1968, I jumped upon an opportunity to live and work at Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston, founded by Ann Wigmore and Viktoras Kulvinskas, where I ate nothing but raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and a great variety of sprouts and greens. But I especially got to regenerate my bloodstream through the powerful effects of chlorophyll-rich wheatgrass that Ann Wigmore discovered and made famous.

Having access to the rare, personal libraries of Ann and Viktoras, I stumbled upon the subjects of fasting, regeneration, breatharianism, ancient matriarchal cultures, yoga, and to my amazement, the mystery of Virgin Birth, scientifically known as parthenogenesis. One could say that the phenomenon of parthenogenesis found me, as much as I found it, and once it took root I was unable to shake it off, as this controversial "subject of subjects" keep popping up in countless books and conversations among vegetarian, spiritually-minded people. What changed my life again, in 1976, was meeting and getting to know a six-foot, two-inch tall breatharian woman named Laurie who self-conceived a child in a state of an indescribable meditative bliss.

Soon after launching on the web my first article about parthenogenesis, in 2012, I got the chance to meet and talk to author/scholar, Marguerite Rigoglioso, who wrote, `The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece` and `Virgin Goddess Mothers of Antiquity`. Over 31,000 people read my article. Then, after having a near death experience I found it absolutely necessary that I write and publish my book, `PARTHENOGENESIS: Women`s Long-Lost Ability to Self-Conceive`.

I continue to live with my family near Boston while working as a surrealist artist, innovative musician, wall-muralist and aspiring writer. My passionate research on parthenogenesis and matriarchal culture and the Return of the Sacred Feminine is never-ending. Among my many hopes and dreams is idea of traveling across America and throughout world to speak/lecture about the divine mystery of parthenogenesis.

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Parthenogenesis: Women's Long-Lost Ability to Self-Conceive

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